Navy Looking at OTEC Plans for Hawaii’s Future

… the U.S. military plans to move 8,000 Marines and 17,000 family members to Guam from Okinawa, Japan, by 2014. But these new residents and the expanded military installations are likely to overwhelm Guam’s power grid, which today generates all of its electricity from imported oil.

The Navy thinks “ocean thermal energy conversion” may be the answer to Guam’s future electricity needs – and Diego Garcia’s, Kwajalein’s and Hawaii’s, too…

…But it could start a process that within a generation could have ocean thermal energy conversion providing all the electricity Guam – or Hawaii or Diego Garcia – needs, Lockheed officials say.

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  1. It is good news to the renewable energy world. Similarly, oil companies should consider Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion OTEC for their deepwater oil and gas platform power supply. That way they do not need to use generators by burning fuels. This is cost effective also. For an example, a floating production storage and off loading system will need say 100 MW power unit in a deep water in gulf of Mexico or say West Africa offshore, then a OTEC power plant can be placed next to the FPSO and then the electric power can be produced that is needed for the FPSO. That way the size and the cost of the FPSO will be reduced and free of fuel clean energy is utilized in the middle of the ocean. Chevron, Shell, Exxon Mobile, etc oil companies should support clean energy to the maximum to make environment pollution free earth support. The MMS and Government should bring this into policy such that the technology grows, the employment opportunity grows and the economy grows. OTEC is no more a dream. It is four times cheaper than solar panel technology. It does not occupy 8 acre of land space for 740 kW. A 100 MW power unit takes 150ftx100ft space maximum It you use that in the FPSO platform, may be extra 70ftx70ft space only. If you use as an independent platform, OTEC power plant costs $400 million USD for 100MW. If you use accommodate within the FPSO, then it costs $250 million USD. The OTEC is free of fuel and is study, reliable for round the year operation. There is no reason why these oil companies are not utilizing this OTEC for their deepwater platform power need. How much cost that they can save is tremendous? Deepwater Structures Inc., Houston Texas, USA has developed a DSI-OTEC power plant that is very cost effective. Please contact DSI OTEC is a game changer. It will change the world economy and will make all the poor third world countries into rich. Renewable energy technologies are in general not cost effective, but OTEC is.

  2. Find another OTEC-story here:

    (‘Deep Sea Music’)

  3. Several of us have begun a process to create a US 501(c)(3) corporation to focus on education, awareness, research and development of ocean thermal technologies.

    We have a facebook page–search on Ocean Thermal Energy Foundation–and are collecting links to experts, researchers, businesses, etc.

    Please email me if you have further interest in this project or in OTEC in general.

    Ryan Lanham

  4. Expensive, but what great technology.

    A good blog that covers this topic here in Hawaii:

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