Two Killed on H-130

A 36-year-old motorcyclist and a child passenger were killed tonight when a motorcycle apparently struck a sedan that was attempting to turn left from Ainaloa Boulevard onto Highway 130 in Kea’au.

The accident occurred just after 7:30 p.m.

According to the Hawai’i Country Fire Department, the motorcycle was heading toward Pahoa on Highway 130 when it struck the sedan.

A fire crew arrived to find the motorcycle engulfed in flames and the two victims lying 15 to 20 feet away.

According to the fire department, neither victim showed signs of life at the scene. Both were wearing helmets.

Two Separate Earthquakes at 3.0 Shake Big Island

1. A minor earthquake occurred at 8:32:11 PM (HST) on Sunday, May 31,  2009 .
The magnitude 3.0 event occurred 6 km (4 miles) S of Pu`u `O`o Crater.
The hypocentral depth is 9 km ( 6 miles).

2. A minor earthquake occurred at 8:49:43 PM (HST) on Sunday, May 31, 2009 .
The magnitude 3.0 event occurred 12 km (8 miles) ENE of Ka Lae (South Point).
The hypocentral depth is 41 km (26 miles).

Singles Parties Starting Up at the Pahoa Museum

I just saw this interesting tweet come across the “Pahoa” feeds of Twitter:

Singles’ party at the Pahoa Museum every 3rd Saturday of every month. Raising money to keep the Museum going.

I’ve got lots of blog posts on the Pahoa Museum.


Hawaiian Decides on a New Fleet of Rolls Royce Powered Airbus A-330’s

hawaiian air

In a new partnership between two respected brands which has just been announced there is a huge win for the environment and air travelers. Hawaiian Airlines will roll out a new fleet of fuel-efficient planes next year.

Hawaiian Airlines’ has decided on a new fleet of Rolls Royce powered Airbus A-330’s.  “The Boeing 767 is a great aircraft,” said Mark Dunkerley, Hawaiian Airlines’ President and CEO. “The A-330 is a step ahead of that.”

The new airbus will be about three to four percent more fuel efficient than Boeing 767s. That translates to about 700 fewer tons of carbon emissions per aircraft per year.”

This “green” initiative is a $460 million investment by Hawaiian Airlines…

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Pissing on Trees

I often refer to myself as a resident ass at times.  I’m blunt, I say what I mean and often times my words get me in trouble because the context of what is said and the meaning of what is said is often lost through the language and tone of what I say.

I’ve gotten into a few “Pissing Matches” with blogger Aaron Stene over East Side vs. West Side politics on this island and we are both pretty stubborn and have our own beliefs about things.

Other bloggers have had other pissing matches that go on like the Pissing match between Andy Parx of Got Windmills and Doug over at Poinography.

What many people that don’t blog often don’t realize, is that most of us blog because we are passionate about one thing or another and when that passion about something is challenged, we are often irritated or feel attacked by our own perspective on things.

Tiffany over at Big Island Chronicle and I are always having little pissing matches about something or another.  Unfortunately, sometimes things turn ugly and we say words that are attacking in nature of the person instead of the subject matter at hand.

“Pissing matches are fun to watch until you get splattered with piss…”

“You can’t beat me in a pissing match because I have a bigger dick, or I am a bigger dick… you choose”

“Pissing on trees is ok until that tree rots and falls on your house”

You see the thing about pissing matches… is you tend to do them with people you enjoy spending time with in the long run.

Two people pissing pissing at each other will never fill up the toilet known as the County.  Two people pissing together at the county toilet might make the county realize that their is  a need for more toilets.

This is a small island… I think this cartoon reflects well about my affection for fellow blogger Tiffany… and hey… lunch is still on me if you want to discuss things still.

pissing on trees

Navy Looking at OTEC Plans for Hawaii’s Future

… the U.S. military plans to move 8,000 Marines and 17,000 family members to Guam from Okinawa, Japan, by 2014. But these new residents and the expanded military installations are likely to overwhelm Guam’s power grid, which today generates all of its electricity from imported oil.

The Navy thinks “ocean thermal energy conversion” may be the answer to Guam’s future electricity needs – and Diego Garcia’s, Kwajalein’s and Hawaii’s, too…

…But it could start a process that within a generation could have ocean thermal energy conversion providing all the electricity Guam – or Hawaii or Diego Garcia – needs, Lockheed officials say.

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