One Irritating Thing About Living in Hawaii

I get asked all the time what it’s like to live in Hawaii.  What do we do for fun?  Where do we go for vacations?  Do you live on the beach? etc.

I’m more then willing to share emails, tweets, comments with anyone about my feelings about things and I try and tell it like it is at times.

The one thing that is really irritating about living in Hawaii is having things shipped here.

Many places won’t even ship to Hawaii and that’s one of the biggest problems.  Those that do ship to Hawaii often charge outrageous prices to do so.

Many times it seems like companies don’t even announce what the shipping price to Hawaii actually is until after you’ve decided you’ve purchased it based on a mainland shipping price.

Well the thing that really bugs me right now… is my own stupidity is going to cost me an arm and a leg in shipping.

My drivers side mirror on my car for some reason the thing that makes the mirror turn broke and so the whole mirror needed to be replaced.

So I finally find a place that has a mirror and I order it.  The mirror itself cost’s about $30.00 but the shipping was $47.  This was after I had already driven around to the junk yards looking to see if they might have a replacement mirror.

So you tell me… what is wrong with this picture?


If you can tell by looking at the picture… I ordered the wrong frigging mirror!  This is a passenger side mirror!  (Hey RJ need a mirror).

So now I have to order another one… and PAY SHIPPING AGAIN!

They told me that I could pay the shipping to have this one sent back and I would get credited the money for the mirror… EXCEPT THE MIRROR COSTS LESS THEN THE SHIPPING!  Plus I would still have to pay shipping for the new mirror being sent!

So it’s actually cheaper for me to just buy a new mirror then try and send this one back for a credit.

Well, I guess it wouldn’t be as irritating if I wasn’t such an idiot!

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  1. We live in Nova Scotia and have similar problems with shipping and getting nearly almost anything by mail. Don’t know if it’s a possibility in this case, but how about taking apart the broken mirror and trying to fix it? Maybe using parts from the new mirror? (Lots of jury-rigging happens here!)

    I have a friend who had to have a drive train for her car shipped across the continent. When it got here, it was the wrong one. She couldn’t build a new drive train from stuff she had in the barn, so she had to ship it back. It was huge!
    Good luck

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