“Mr. Nobody”

My son knows that when the dogs start barking and going off, that means that someone is typically at the driveway and it’s a good signal to go look to see who’s here.

Every once in awhile our dogs will just start barking at cats or birds that happen to come into the yard.

Of course my son being all excited to see who it is, goes running to the window every time he heres the dogs barking like that.  Often times, I know that no one is there, but I’ll just play along with him and ask him who is there.

I’ll say… “Who’s There?”

He says “Nobody”.

I say Mr. Nobody?  and it can go back and forth for a couple rounds before he will finally say something like… Dad… It was the “Mr. Nobody Ghost”.

Well I found the Mr. Nobody Ghost this afternoon and he looks like this:

compost 002

You see he’s like the typical 4 year old kid with no brothers or sisters to blame things on when he gets in trouble for things.  Whenever I ask him something about something I know he did… and he’s afraid he’ll get in trouble… Mr. Nobody Ghost did it!

I’ve been trying to teach him little things like recycling and composting.  He’s getting pretty good at both things.  Typically I help him with the compost because it can be a bit messy if he drops it on the way there.

Well we gave him some peanut shells to compost because it couldn’t make too big of a mess if he dropped them… right?

Well look at what the buggah when do:

compost 004

Typically we compost our items to the right of this gas tank.  But if you look real close at those bricks… you’ll see friggin peanut shells wedged in the holes of the bricks!

compost 005

So of course I had to ask him why he put the peanut shells in the brick and his response…

“Ask Mr. Nobody Ghost!”

Mr. Nobody's Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Mr. Nobody's Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I don’t know son… gonna be really hard to blame this one on “Mr. Nobody”

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  1. This one’s too good to keep ‘on island’. I’m telling! :)

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