Big Island Student Sitting Out Performance of “Tootsee Roll” Because of Inappropriate Racial and Sexual References

There always seem to be some controversy brewing somewhere on the Big Island:

…But while thousands of others are sharing high-fives, shakas and hugs, Keonepoko Elementary School sixth-grader Ja’nea Osborne will sit out the festivities on principle.

It comes down to a song the Puna school’s sixth-graders will dance to at the June 3 ho’olaulea — a hip-hop song in particular. Lines of it go something like this: “Cotton candy, sweetie go, let me see that tootsee roll, come on tootsee roll, just make that tootsee roll…

The school defends the selection, saying it contains nothing offensive

Here is the actual song, you tell me if it’s not loaded (As if the name of the group “The 69 Boyz” isn’t clue enough?”


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  1. FAIL.

    How many Hawaiian songs out there have hidden meanings?

    Protest one, protest them all.

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