Great Places to Eat in Pahoa

On the Big Island, there are not as many restaraunts to choose from on the East Side of the Island compared to the West Side.  (Hilo = East / Kona = West).

Were lucky that in Pahoa, we have quite a few good restaurants to choose from.

If you want Mexican Food you can eat at Luquins which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner:


There is also a couple smaller hole in the type of restaurants like Nings Thai Cuisine:

restaraunts 007

Nings is primarily open for dinner and was closed when I went by during the lunch hours today.

restaraunts 008

Ning’s can be found on the main drag of Pahoa next to Paolo’s Bistro where they serve all kinds of Italian dishes and specialty “Pizza’s”.

restaraunts 009

Pahoa’s most upscale restaurant is probably Kaleo’s.

restaraunts 006

You will often find Pahoa business people in here having there salads and other specialties during lunch.

restaraunts 001

This group of tourist from Anchorage, Alaska were definitely enjoying their time at Kaleo’s.

(L-R) Colin Bonfield, Alisha Silverstein, Brandon Maurer, and Mike Courtney all said their highlight of the Big Island so far was seeing the "Clothing Optional" Black Sand Beach known as Kehena.

(L-R) Colin Bonfield, Alisha Silverstein, Brandon Maurer, and Mike Courtney all said their highlight of the Big Island so far was seeing the "Clothing Optional" Black Sand Beach known as Kehena.

Of course Pahoa has a Subway as well located in the Pahoa Market Place

restaraunts 016

And of course, if you don’t know… Pahoa now has it’s own L&L.  If your looking for the “Pahoa Chop Suey” … well L&L has it’s old location and “Pahoa Chop Suey” is no more unfortunately.

restaraunts 011

The food is sold both Ala Carte and by the plate, and they also have a pretty reasonable catering menu.

restaraunts 012

Of course in Hawaii, seafood is very popular and we have our own Fish Market.

restaraunts 015

Where they also serve a very reasonably priced plate of Fish and Chips as well.

restaraunts 017

The Pahoa Museum is also opening up an “All Natural Cafeteria” in the next few weeks.  The name has not been decided yet.

restaraunts 010

Of course the gathering place in the morning times if it’s not Luquins, tends to be “Black Rock Cafe” where you can find many of our elected officials having their breakfasts on a regular basis.

restaraunts 013

Probably one of the best deals in Pahoa, is at the Punatic Cyber Cafe, they give free internet access with the purchase of your meals (See Cafe for details).  They sell great coffee, sandwhiches and even ice cream!

restaraunts 018

And well if you’re still hungry after all that… we even have our own Pooki’s Cookies cookie shop/bakery that sells everything from Breakfast Bagels to Haupia (coconut) Pie.

restaraunts 019

There’s a couple other restaraunts such as Boogie Woogie Pizza where you can get pizza by the slice or by the pan and Sukothai which happens to be very popular, however, they weren’t open at the time I drove by.

Of course these aren’t the only restaraunts in Puna… these are just the ones in Pahoa.

Keaau, Volcano, and Kalapana all have at least one restaraunt and you can often find lunch wagons just set up along the roads.

So come on out to Pahoa and grab a bite to eat the next time you’re on the Big Island!

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  1. As a local, I can add some suggestions. 1st, Punatics has gotten a little pricey, and is also really inconsistent. It is a fun place to buy a cup of regular joe, but not an espresso drink. Personally, I’m not too confident in the cleanliness of the staff handling the food, so I’ve stopped eating there. Sirius Coffee – across from 7-11 and next to L&L, seems to make the fancy coffee better – free internet there, too. 2nd, Luquins is popular, but if you like real Mexican food, you’ll be disappointed – this is a pale imitation and often not very fresh. The service is usually bad too, even by Puna standards. When in doubt, order the fish fajitas. 3rd, Pooki’s is a great place for breakfast and lunch as well as baked goods. One wouldn’t expect to find GREAT biscuits and gravy anywhere on the Big Island, but Pooki’s has them. The pastrami sandwich is also terrific. Finally, just a few miles away in Kalapana, there’s the Village Cafe, which is outdoor dining and puts out pretty good food for a pretty good price. Same menu as the Pahoa Village Cafe, but better surroundings.

  2. You made me hungry, writing about all those yummy places. I think that Luquin’s has the best burritoes on the island!

    Damon – The image of buried toes is quite frightening mom. It’s Burritos

  3. I haven’t been to Pahoa in over t-t-t-t, I can’t spit out how many years. Great quick tour of the town while appealing to my taste buds.

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