Hawaii Corporation Counsel Lincoln Ashida Thoughts on Bloggers

I just received this email along with Tiffany and Aaron from Hawaii Corporation Counsel Lincoln Ashida regarding our blogs:


“Here are some recent posts that may interest you:


I am also intrigued by the work you all do in managing your blogs.  No disrespect to our local dailies, but your articles seem to generate more thoughtful and respectful (i.e., credible) comments from your readership.  I think blogs are part of the new age of credible information; at some point I would like to put together a training for our legal staff and eventually our County on the benefits of blogs in getting a good pulse on our community.


Lincoln S. T. Ashida,Corporation Counsel

County of Hawai`i

Email: Lashida@co.hawaii.hi.us

Website:  www.co.hawaii.hi.us/cc/home.htm”

Why thank you very much Mr. Ashida. I’m glad you recognize the work that we put into out blogs.

Please also visit the FBI Blogs (From Big Island Blogs) for other great Big Island Blogs as well.

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  1. Kini –

    This is the first email he sent to me in this manner and was not responding to anything I asked.

    I printed exactly what he wrote to me word for word in the email.

    He sent it to Tiffany, Aaron and I as if it were almost a PR for promoting his own Counsel Blog.

    Thus there is no Hello or anything… it just starts off as:

    Here are some… etc.

    I do find it pretty interesting that he probably knew that I we would print these comments on his blog and it’s almost a promotion to the counties site. ;)

    Or it could be he has been reading all of these posts

  2. Aloha Damon,

    What’s the context of the email? I thought it was on the links you provided, but I cannot find the quotes you posted on any of the Counsel’s site links.

    Can you elaborate?



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