1st Annual Hawaii Wiener Derby

This one is specifically for The Pineapple Fleet:

The 1st Annual Hawaii Wiener Derby:


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  1. Mahalo, Damon.

    Dachshund ownership is almost at ‘cult’ status. Look what it causes people to do in public. Note also at ~ frame 1:20 the guy with the video camera’s aim while panning past the starting gate and the blond with the white shorts – classic.

    I liked the part in the race, only the 2 black dogs ran for the finish line. The rest caught a scent of something more interesting and said to hell with race.

    I think the black dogs are professionals posing as amateur league racers.

    I am a victim of Dachshund ownership by proxy. My wife had one when I met her and now, 15 years later we have 4 of them, varying ages, both genders, all red smooth minis. They are more privileged than many peoples’ children. They get toys and served steaks or lamb chops at birthdays. They sleep in our bed…or more accurately, we get to sleep in theirs. They have an insatiable need to be the closest one to my face when they are all in my lap (and they all have to be in my lap at once), they want to lick my teeth, and they are the cause of extreme measures and expense planning vacations. They are low slung, excessively long, legs all gnarly and stumpy like fried chicken wings and are yappy…not the most noble looking of canines.

    They are however, among the most loyal, funny, protective dogs of any breed, and they think they are the same size as the largest dogs, easily among the bravest of breeds.

    What’s weird is, my brother has one, my sister has one (of our pups) and there were a total of 4 (consecutive) in the household where we grew up.

    Wiener dogs are here to stay, at least in this household, and they may well inherit the Earth.


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