1st Annual Hawaii Wiener Derby

This one is specifically for The Pineapple Fleet:

The 1st Annual Hawaii Wiener Derby:


Video of Fourth Annual Hilo Inter-Tribal Pow Wow

Fourth Annual Hilo Inter-Tribal POWWOW at Wailoa River Park Hilo Hawaii from May 23, 24, 25 2009 Native American music and dancing.

Video courtesy of @anelajade


Honoring Granker on Memorial Day


My Granker (Grandpa) fought in WW II. He was also a Military Doctor the second time he served.

I could only find some of his medical background as he is long gone now and the Internet databases only go so far back:

Dr. Perry E. Rowe was born in Everett, Washington on October 1, 1910. He received his medical degree from the University of Oregon Medical School in 1941. He interned at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Washington 1941-42. He served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps 1942-45. He was in private practice in Lynden, Washington for 15 years. He was Clinical Instructor in General Practice at the University of Washington Medical School 1954-61. In 1962 he came to Hawaii to be the physician for the Hawaiian Agricultural Company and lived in Pahala, Hawaii. Dr. Rowe became the medical officer on Yap in the Trust Territories in 1965. He moved to Carmel, California in 1970.

Grandpa at a Tribal Meeting in Yap back in the Sixties

Grandpa at a Tribal Meeting in Yap back in the Sixties... Um... Yeah the white dude ;)

He was a member of the Hawaii Medical Association, Hawaii County Medical Society, American Medical Association and the Hawaii Industrial Medicine Association. Dr. Rowe and his wife, Betty, were the parents of Michael Dean, Susan Lane and Robert Spencer. Dr. Rowe died on June 24, 1997; his last residence was listed as Friday Harbor, San Juan, Washington.