Kenneth Goodenow… Change in Thinking?

Earlier I blogged how the County Clerk used the excuse of ADA requirements as to why the County is not Streaming the meetings live.

Date: Friday, May 22, 2009, 9:59 AM

Thanks for taking the time to think of this. Actually, we have looked at free-streaming. Corporation Counsel gave the go ahead, regarding advertising being done on the site, but the problem is ADA requirements for live transcriptions – both Corporation Counsel and HR have advised that it would be dangerous not to provide for live transcriptions as these are official meetings. This would add significantly to the cost and is not part of our current RFP that includes transcription for delayed broadcasts. Earlier this year we determined we would should wait and go out for a new RFP to take into account live transcription (and other matters relating to our new location and the possibility of an automatic camera system, etc.) when our current contract expires 06 /30/10..


Now a few hours later Goodenow is tell me:

I will make another request of corporation counsel and the department of human resources for their input. We were looking at free streaming back in January (Out of the Sea Media) put us on to this. I’ll let you know what they say.


I sure wish people would figure out what was going on and quit telling me one thing… then a few hours telling me another thing.

It’s not that hard to do and I think they are making a much bigger issue about the technology behind this.

On Tiff’s blog… the Significant cost quoted was $12,000. I don’t think that is a significant cost for a years worth of public access.

…This route was decided as there were other options to consider such as the design of the new council chamber, software designed for legislative bodies going paperless, voice activated cameras, etc. The $12,000 per year figure we received was the lowest bid on the request for proposal sent out by the Purchasing Division…

Even more on the Council Members Cancellation of Plans to Stream Meetings on the Internet.

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