Councilman Yagong Looking to Find Money for Live Streaming of Council Meetings and Amend Budget

I sent off a letter to the Council Members yesterday explaining who I was and that I basically thought we the public weren’t getting our money’s worth for what the council is paying to have their meetings shown on TV.

This was in regards to the blog that I posted two days ago.   I sent them a copy of the blog posting as well.

I forgot to mention in that post, that I don’t even see the need or justification of doubling the amount earmarked for this future year from the year before.  Unless more services can be brought to the public.

In my email to the county members last night, I flat out asked them this:

I want to know why Live Streaming of the Council Meetings is not being done when the cost to do them would be very little…”

This morning, I received the following reply CC’d to me from Councilman Dominic Yagong to Kenneth Goodenow the county clerk:

Aloha Kenneth,

I think we should do this if at all possible.  Let me know how much money it would take, and I can see if we can find the money and amend the final budget on our June 2nd meeting.  In today’s hectic world, we need to utilize technology that will provide the most convenient service to our island constituency.  Thanks Ken.

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  1. A for effort for you and Dominic Yagong. Hope it happens… See my commentary about it here:


  2. Nice job Damon!

    If streaming of County Council meetings can happen (audio-only for dial-up folks like myself), I’ll finally be parting with that D-Dollar..


  3. Damon,

    This is so on the money. Why not put a cost for you and maybe I to video and then run a dvd of it on a new web site. Try and do a needed service and make a dollar at the same time.

    The Lack

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