It’s Against the Law for a Rooster to Crow for Ten Continuous Minutes in Hawaii

Just read an interesting law on these damn roosters.

When crowing continues for ten continuous minutes or intermittently for 30 minutes, it is a violation of the animal nuisance law. Keeping more than two chickens in a residential area is also a violation of the animal nuisance law. If you are having a problem with a neighbor’s roosters, we suggest you try talking to your neighbor first. If the noise problem re-occurs, you need to contact the Honolulu Police Department to file a complaint. Another resource for resolving a dispute with your neighbor is The Mediation Center of the Pacific, 521-6767. To read the animal nuisance law, click here and scroll to Sec. 7-2.1

I did mention that KFC is opening in Pahoa!

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  1. Aloha; My sub division has a 6 acres parcel zoned ag. that has 800 roosters residing is this legal, there are residential houses on 3 sides of parcel, Please advice help us they are all roosters, for the purpose of fighting as they spare during the week.what are the laws on ag land, is this legal, we all look sleepy the next morning we cannot sell our houses because of the roosters, the rooster owners live else where they do not want roosters in their back yard. Help us…..

  2. The HPD told me the other morning that they do not deal with noisy animals now; now you have to call the Hawaii Humane Society. They never called me back…

  3. Thank you for your helpful information on disturbing noises. Sad to say, I could not locate any such ordinances under Kailua-Kona’s or the County of Hawaii’s laws. Are the restrictions just for Honolulu or the whole state. I couldn’t quite make that out. Any answers you may have would be greatly appreciated. Mahalo.

    • I haven’t looked this up but I did notice that the blog article mentions “residential area” so be aware that many of seemingly residential neighborhoods are actually agriculturally zoned.

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