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Moving to Hawaii… Are We All Greedy Once We Get Here?

Many of us move to Hawaii and don’t feel accepted because we aren’t from here.

Give me crap but we need to start opening up subjects on the real.

If no one wants to discuss this… so be it.  I remember when I first moved to Hawaii and some of the things that were said about “Haoles” in front of me only because I looked local.

Why is it that once we get here… We don’t want others to come here?

Or truth be known… we just want our friends from where we moved from to move here.. but then we tend to shut the door on others that want to move here?

Is the inherent greed of moving to a new place that is relevantly open and ours…. really ours?

Did we move here and then become one with the land and the people… or did we move here because we could?

I’ll give you two funny stories that I can look back at and laugh at now as many people think I’m a local.

When I first moved here and first got off the plane… I saw all these garbage cans that said Mahalo.

For the first few hours upon my arrival in Hawaii… I thought Mahalo meant Garbage!

And I don’t even want to begin with the whole thought about where I was moving to when I first found I was moving to HighLow Hawaii…

I’ve learned a lot since I first moved here… still have much to learn.

Why is it that most of us in general tend to think that we don’t want change in the places we move to?

We want to move to a place that is so peaceful and quiet… and then once we get here… we fight so much to keep it that way?

Second funny story… My wife is a local  wahine that  back in her days growing up… it was common to tease “Haoles”.  Irony…  yeah… now she’s married to a haole.

2 Responses

  1. As a teen Lynn’s dad and his buddies thought it was fun to lure gay guys in parks and then beat the shit out of them – now he has a gay son and gay son-in-law. Is it irony or or is it karma? Anyway Garbage buddy… I mean Mahalo!

  2. Damon,

    I have no idea where you are coming from. Personally, I welcome anyone who comes here with a good attitude, one of aloha and one of service to our island and her people. I guess I have been lucky, but I have never experienced an ounce of resentment from any locals, or from semi-locals (those who have moved here). There must be something that happened to you that you are not telling us.

    And, you are probably more accepted than the average guy because you are a haole of color, fitting in. And you have a Local (wife’s) Ohana, fitting in even more. Oh… and lets not forget that you have a son in the most exclusive private school in Hawaii, and it requires lineage of royal Hawaiian lines! That should get you a “home free card” in some situations.

    What I love about Hawaii is that it is so homogenous, that there are so very few 100% genes in any of us. That people are beyond just “friendly” they are hospitable and generous every day. Those people that I know who have moved here are the same way. It is just the way I see it, maybe I live in a big Hilo shaped bubble???

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