The Cheesiest Film Ever Made in Hawaii

I’ve never seen this movie that was made in Hawaii called “Hard Ticket to Hawaii” but from the looks of it… it was the cheesiest film ever made here in Hawaii:




Hard Ticket to Hawaii is a 1987 action adventure film starring Ronn Moss, Dona Speir, Hope Marie Carlton, Cynthia Brimhall, and Harold Diamond. It was written and directed by Andy Sidaris.


I think I found my new series…

BUSH TUCKER: Hawaii Man (Note… this isn’t me folks):


PBS to Begin Digital Transmissions in Hilo Beginning May 26th

Well it’s taken forever, but PBS will be going digital in Hilo beginning May 26th.

From the VP of PBS Hawaii’s blog “Digital Dialog“:

…weather pending, Hilo will be upgraded to digital transmissions beginning May 28. The schedule still stands. Mid-morning on May 26th, we’ll shutdown the analog signal to install the digital antenna. This shutdown will affect the rest of the translator system in Naalehu and South Point. Once we get the Hilo digital signal up, we need to get to Kulani Cone to change out the receive antenna and put a digital-to-analog receiver in place. If all goes well, the analog signal will be restored to Naalehu and South Point by the weekend. Once we have lease issues worked out at Kulani Cone, we will install a digital system to get the signal to Naalehu. This should happen by the end of September this year…

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Anuenue Elementary School: 5 Cases of Swine Flu Confirmed Tied to School

I feel so sorry for the kids at Anuenue right now.  I used to visit that school every once in awhile at my former position.

It’s now been confirmed that 4 kids have gotten the swine flu there.  I expect this number to increase by at least 5 more within the next day or two.

All five of the additional cases of swine flu are connected to Anuenue School in Palolo, state Department of Health spokeswoman Janice Okubo said today…
…Four of the latest cases are family members, including a parent and three children who attend Anuenue. The fifth case is also a student at Anuenue, but is unrelated to the family, Okubo said…

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Kingdom of Hawaii Election To Be Monitored by League of Women Voters

The National Election Office of the Kingdom of Hawaii announced today that it has contracted with the Honolulu League of Women Voters to monitor the Kingdom’s national elections to be held in August 2009.

“The Honolulu League of Women Voters is an experienced election monitor” noted Richard Kamahele Figueroa, Director of the Kingdom’s National Election Office “they have extensive election monitoring experience having monitored numerous elections for the State of Hawaii, unions and others.”

Mr. Figueroa stated that “the role of the League as election monitor is to receive the ballots directly from the voters, count the votes and to certify the election results. “Voting will be by all Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians) worldwide without regard to the degree of their Hawaiian ancestry”.

“This is a historic vote” stated Mr Figueroa, “We will adopt a Restoration Constitution and elect a President and Vice President and thereby restore the government of the Kingdom overthrown by the United States by force of arms in 1893, ending over one hundred years of the illegal colonial occupation of our country by the United States. “Our restored government will seekmembership in the United Nations and once again excercise sovereignty and governance of the Hawaiian Archipelago”.

For further information on the United States invasion and the 2009 National Elections see

Today: Pahoa Town Drug Free Awareness Campaign

The Pahoa Weed and Seed Special Emphasis Project will be having youth from the Nanawale Saven Haven participating in a “Drug Free Awareness” campaign in Pahoa Town today at 3:00pm.

The youth will be waving signs and handing out goodies to those who stop and talk to them.  The youth have been participating in anti-drug sessions at the Pahoa Neighborhood Facility on Mondays and Fridays and this will complete their 6 session program.

The effort was made possible through the collaboration of The Salvation Army Family Intervention Services, Bethany Hall and the Hawaii County Police Departments CPO, Danny Rances for the Pahoa Weed and Seed Strategy.