The Worst Neighbor in Puna?

I’m posting these videos after being alerted about them first in person… and now someone on punaweb directed me to one of the videos and I found the other by going to the homepage.

So here is the first one:

This clip is from Easter 4-12-09 morning 6:00 am Other times he beat on our fence: Worst neighbor ever began banging on fence started on tuesday 4-7-09 with banging through out the day time. He started up again thursday 4-9-09 night at 11:45pm and again friday morning at 4:50am Then again Friday night 4-10-08 11:30pm and saturday morning 12:00, 12:30, 1:00 , and 1:30 am.


And this is the second one that was posted on Punaweb:

While working on our fence , worst neighbor ever, ran up and pushed the fence on to me and my wife, sending my wife flying to the rocky ground. I then took out my video camera and filmed what happened next. He cussed at us, threatened us, physically grabbed for me, and destroyed my property. As we have a mutual restraining order, I could not speak to him, or respond to him in any way, or I would be in violation as well. The police came and saw the video tape, yet they did not arrest him for violation of the restraining order, nor did they arrest him for assault on my wife, however they did file complaints against him, and told me if they came out again, they would probably arrest both world’s worst neighbor and myself.


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