UFO’s Grounded on the Big Island?

The other day I went to the other side of the Island and I got to drive around in a lot of areas that I had never been to.  Hawaii Ocean View Estates, Hookena, Miloili, Papa Bay Drive, etc.

Luckily I was driving the 4×4 as their were a lot of roads that I wouldn’t have been able to traverse w/out them.

I happened upon these cool looking houses that all I can say is they look like UFO’s.  There is actually 3 of them… (Maybe even 4 but I couldn’t tell)

weekends 001

I like the design but it must be very hard work to have everything customized for the curves.

They truly have a gorgeous view as well.

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  1. Damon,
    Back around 2005 these were in the MLS for sale. I was actually considering them seriously for purchase until I found out they were un-permitted. I doubt my wife would have let me buy them anyway but they are beautiful in my opinion. Thanks! Kona Dave

  2. I agree, good photo op Damon. LOL… who would have thought such interesting (?) architecture exists in Puna. And they built not just one… but two of them.


    Damon – Actually they were on the other side of the island in Miloili.

  3. Damon,
    Did you think Area 51 was the only place where the aliens had landed?

  4. Good photo catch yes, it’s like UFO :) – nice to have your camera when you drive around isn’t it :)

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