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A lot of us know that the media fears bloggers in general… Well the GOVERNMENT REALLY FEARS US:

…On May 6th a US Senate subcommittee held a hearing entitled “The Future of Journalism”. At that hearing MSM’s representatives described bloggers as “parasites” who “contribute little more than repetition, commentary, and froth” and described the current problem as bloggers and other internet alternative entities “siphoning off the lifeblood of the newspaper Industry…”

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The Damon Parasite who want’s to live in the UFO’s in the blog posted earlier:


UFO’s Grounded on the Big Island?

The other day I went to the other side of the Island and I got to drive around in a lot of areas that I had never been to.  Hawaii Ocean View Estates, Hookena, Miloili, Papa Bay Drive, etc.

Luckily I was driving the 4×4 as their were a lot of roads that I wouldn’t have been able to traverse w/out them.

I happened upon these cool looking houses that all I can say is they look like UFO’s.  There is actually 3 of them… (Maybe even 4 but I couldn’t tell)

weekends 001

I like the design but it must be very hard work to have everything customized for the curves.

They truly have a gorgeous view as well.

Update Hilo Beats Pahoa in State Volleyball – Pahoa vs. Hilo: Live Twitter Feed

Big Island resident Karen Welsh is at the State Volleyball tournament supporting her son’s team Hilo in the state tournament.

UPDATE: Hilo beats Pahoa

Karen had the following to say about the Pahoa Boy’s Team:

Pahoa played a stellar game. U should be proud of them…

Torture Memo Author Jay Bybee Protested in Honolulu

More than fifty people gathered outside a federal court building in Honolulu to protest the Bush administration torture memo author Jay Bybee. The demonstration was held as Bybee heard cases in his position as a judge on the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. The group World Cant Wait has called for protests against Bybee in every city where he hears cases.


So a Kid at My School is Watching Porn on Our Network

I work at Keaau Middle School on an on-call basis now.  My last day working on a regular basis coincidentally was on the same day that this kid was looking at porn.

I only stopped in to say aloha to the kids I worked with directly this semester and let them know I’d be seeing them around the school.  (I had a mandatory Census Meeting that day and I actually just volunteered my time on that day to come in between classes to say bye to the kids as I felt I owed that to them)

The Hawaii Tribune Herald is reporting that a kid was watching porn at school.  It doesn’t mention where the kid was watching it at nor does it name the child.

School officials are investigating how a Keaau Middle student managed to pull up an Internet pornography site on a school computer.

The student accessed the unauthorized site May 4.

Under Department of Education Internet rules, no one using a school computer may access pornography, adult entertainment, cult or new age sites, or sites that promote militancy, gambling, illegal drugs, bomb-making or other illegal activities. All schools are required to block access to those kinds of sites...

I couldn’t even access my blog when I first started working there.  I specifically wrote to DOE asking them to lift my blog to viewed.  I still to this day don’t understand why my blog was blocked from their servers other then the fact that I have youtube clips on it.

How this kid got into a pornsite???  I have no idea myself how he personally did it… but there are MANY ways to get around County/DOE/Work related servers via proxy servers.

Kids are getting smarter then the networks.  There are many ways to bypass using proxy servers and have you not.  These kids are smarter then we think at times.

I bet kids across the DOE are actually watching all kinds of porn w/out the DOE having ANY knowledge at all.

Too bad for the kid that got busted at my school… But I truly believe other kids are accessing just as “bad” sites.

Are we going to ban kids from bringing their own laptops to school?

Are we going to ban kids from having an internet card that has nothing to do with the schools server?

Are we going to start telling kids what they can and cannot access on their own laptops?

The Digital world is changing folks.  Seriously… These kids are learning faster then we adults.

What do we go after next?  Sex Ed Classes for showing how to use a condom on a Dildo?


Department of Land and Natural Resources Forced to Remove Information From Website Following Complaints from Save the Guava Campaign

The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) was forced to remove information from its website yesterday in response to ethics violation complaints from Sydney Ross Singer of the Save the Guava Campaign, along with others.  The information removed pertained to the proposed release of an alien scale insect for strawberry guava biocontrol.

Guava after insect has attacked it

Guava after insect has attacked it

The complaint concerned the DLNR website, www.hawaii.gov/dlnr, which actively promoted information from the non-profit Conservation Council of Hawaii supporting and encouraging the insect release. The DLNR website also asked the public to contact legislators to push for the insect release.

The problem is that the DLNR refused to allow Save the Guava, or any other responsible individuals or groups, from posting any information on the government agency’s website opposing this insect release and balancing the presentation of this controversial biocontrol proposal.  Save the Guava has two websites dedicated to this issue, www.SaveTheGuava.com and www.BioDamage.com. However, the DLNR did not want to give any opposition a voice on their taxpayer funded website.

Sydney Ross Singer requested either inclusion on their website, or the removal of the other information. The DLNR responded, “DLNR reserves the right to post  information on our webpage that we find…support and assistance on department initiatives. The Department is under no obligation to post any or all information on a subject or views in opposition to the Department’s position….We choose not to post your link or information on this subject.”

However, they took off the images, links, and information of the pro-insect group, avoiding the issue rather than giving a forum for balanced presentations.  This decision was made the same day the DLNR received an UIPA request from Save the Guava for information into the funding of this insect release.

However, more ethics violations and conflict of interest problems remain for the DLNR.  The DLNR is slated to be the decision maker for the upcoming Draft Environmental Assessment, according to its “partner”, the US Forest Service, which is the proposing agency!

The DLNR and US Forest Service, along with 13 others, are partners and creators of the Hawaii Conservation Alliance and its related non-profit, the Hawaii Conservation Alliance Foundation. The DLNR is using taxpayer money, government employees, and DLNR office space to support the Hawaii Conservation Alliance Foundation. The Office of Hawaiian Affairs and the Nature Conservancy, both of which are members of this Alliance, have also publicly supported this insect release, which is an agenda of this group. The main office for this government spawned Hawaii Conservation Alliance Foundation is in the DLNR itself, making this a taxpayer supported foundation!

This is clearly conflict of interest and fraud.  And it should certainly disqualify the DLNR in being the determination agency for this insect release.

The DLNR is saying the insect release is a DLNR initiative. The DLNR is committed to promoting this insect agenda. And they are waiting to put their stamp of approval on this planned infestation of our state before the EA is even released for public review and comment.