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Only in Puna Update: “Dubie, the Magic Bus”

The other day I blogged about  a VW Van that was parked in downtown Pahoa.

"Dubie, the Magic Bus"

"Dubie, the Magic Bus"

At yesterday’s Pahoa Jamm, I got a chance to talk to the owner of the van as well as take some literature from her as well as a few more pictures.

SpringJam2 019

The Van’s owner is Hopper Sheldon and she likens her van to a business card:

“If it is original, creative and colorful it’s got to be Hopper.  Known Island wide for her whimsical murals, original t-shirt art, recycled surfboard art and signs, Hopper’s art is always fun.  Take a step back to the “60’s” with Hopper’s orginal “art car”, “Dubie, the Magic Bus“.

SpringJam2 017

Today’s Hawaii Tribune had the following to say about the van and artist:

“…Pahoa’s a great community. Not enough people know about it,” artist Hopper Sheldon said while painting at her booth at the 7th annual Pahoa Springtime Jamm.

Next to Sheldon was her highly decorated 1971 Volkswagen van, which stands out even in a community that’s infamous for nontraditional lifestyles.

“It’s more known around here than I am. It’s the ‘magic bus,'” she said. “It’s my business card on wheels…”

I’m glad I got a chance to meet Hopper herself.  She seems like a great lady and a really fun person to hang out with.


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