UH Law School “Made Errors”… Would Have Ranked Higher

As promised, Robert Morse, Director of Data Research at U.S. News, has responded to allegations of incorrect data being used in the 2010 U.S. News Law School Rankings of Brooklyn, Hawaii, and Nebraska in Updates to Some Grad School Data:”…

…Two law schools made errors in how they reported the information used to calculate the percentage of their 2007 graduating class that was employed nine months after graduation, which affected the new law school rankings. [The criteria counts 14% in the U.S. News methodology.] Both of these law schools would have ranked higher if these data had been used in the rankings. …”

* [Nebraska originally reported 81.1% (rank of 177); its correct figure is 96.2% (rank of 90). Nebraska fell to Tier 3 in the overall rankings from #73 last year.]

* [Hawaii originally reported 90.7% (rank of 156); its correct figure is 100% (rank of 1). Hawaii fell to Tier 3 in the overall rankings from #82 last year…]

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