Flashback From the Past: C&H Sugarcane

Driving through all the sugarcane and papaya fields yesterday, I wondered a bit about some of the land that I was driving around.

My grandfather was brought to the Big Island to work for the Hawaiian Agricultural Company as a doctor and later did a few other things around the island.

Was I driving on land that he once worked?  If my car can barely handle some of these roads now… how in the heck did the cars in the early 60’s manage?

Still to this day we have land in Pahala because of his hard work.  If only he had kept the Puako property in the family. ;)

Anyone remember this Ed Kinney and Keiki “C&H Sugarcane” commercial from the early 60’s?  Recognize any of the kids?


3 Responses

  1. That’s a great video, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the memory, right around 1970 one of my classmates sisters from Lahaina did a C and H commercial.

  3. Damon, your grandfather looks like he had an interesting life. I went and read that link, which I misssed the first time around — he was a doctor on Yap?! The adventures and stories he must have had. Clearly, he liked adventure.


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