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Mahalo Bruddah Kuz and Crew: Pahoa Spring Jamm TODAY

Maddie Greene and the Pahoa Weed and Seed Committee would like to thank Iopa “Bruddah Kuz” Maunakea and his crew of hard working guys for volunteering their time and helping with the set-up today for the Spring Jam tomorrow.

The Men of

Bruddah Kuz and Friends

Just a reminder folks that tomorrow, Saturday, May 9th is the Pahoa Spring Jam.


It’s going to be held at the parking lot of the Pahoa Aquatics Center (The Pahoa Pool) from 11:00 am – 7:00 PM.

SpringJam 010
Not only is Bruddah Kuz performing tomorrow, Kuz and his crew volunteered today with the set-up.

SpringJam 002

SpringJam 006

SpringJam 009

SpringJam 008

Through the hard work of  community members this event is going to be hopping tomorrow.

SpringJam 012

I didn’t get a chance to ask, but I also saw a tent going up outside of the parking lot as well.  I don’t remember it being this large last year.

SpringJam 001
This event is funded by the Pahoa Weed and Seed Grant that was provided to the community.  Maddie Greene has been instrumental in making this a sucessful event.

Maddie and Bruddah Kuz taking time away to give some aloha

Maddie and Bruddah Kuz taking time away to give some aloha

The members of the Pahoa Weed and Seed committee would like to say thanks to all of the hard workers that help pull this together.

They hope to see you tomorrow at the Pahoa Aquatics Center parking lot.

The following video of Bruddah Kuz  is from last months Spring Pa’aina at the Naniloa Crown Room:[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aP-tNjJdxJQ&hl=en&fs=1]

UH Law School “Made Errors”… Would Have Ranked Higher

As promised, Robert Morse, Director of Data Research at U.S. News, has responded to allegations of incorrect data being used in the 2010 U.S. News Law School Rankings of Brooklyn, Hawaii, and Nebraska in Updates to Some Grad School Data:”…

…Two law schools made errors in how they reported the information used to calculate the percentage of their 2007 graduating class that was employed nine months after graduation, which affected the new law school rankings. [The criteria counts 14% in the U.S. News methodology.] Both of these law schools would have ranked higher if these data had been used in the rankings. …”

* [Nebraska originally reported 81.1% (rank of 177); its correct figure is 96.2% (rank of 90). Nebraska fell to Tier 3 in the overall rankings from #73 last year.]

* [Hawaii originally reported 90.7% (rank of 156); its correct figure is 100% (rank of 1). Hawaii fell to Tier 3 in the overall rankings from #82 last year…]

More Here

Pahoa Village Cafe Offering Mother’s Day Lunch Buffet

Pahoa’s Village Cafe is offering a special Mother’s Day Prime Rib & BBQ Outdoor Brunch Buffet.

Courtyard of the Pahoa Village Cafe

Courtyard of the Pahoa Village Cafe

Sunday May, 10th
10 am – 2 pm

Prime Rib * Seafood * BBQ Pork & Chicken

Eggs Benedict * Bacon * Ham * Sausage * Eggs

Fried Rice & Potatoes * Fruit * Salad * Dessert Bar

Adults $22.95 * 12 Yrs. and Under $12.00 * 5 Years and Under FREE

Also featuring Strawberry Mimosa & Bloody Mary Bar Extra

Reservations Suggested 965-1133

Flashback From the Past: C&H Sugarcane

Driving through all the sugarcane and papaya fields yesterday, I wondered a bit about some of the land that I was driving around.

My grandfather was brought to the Big Island to work for the Hawaiian Agricultural Company as a doctor and later did a few other things around the island.

Was I driving on land that he once worked?  If my car can barely handle some of these roads now… how in the heck did the cars in the early 60’s manage?

Still to this day we have land in Pahala because of his hard work.  If only he had kept the Puako property in the family. ;)

Anyone remember this Ed Kinney and Keiki “C&H Sugarcane” commercial from the early 60’s?  Recognize any of the kids?