Papaya and Car Paint Don’t Mix

So today I was driving in some really weird locations in Puna.

papayas 001

The road was ok when I started out on this road but it became quite an adventure.

There are a lot of houses in Puna that you would never expect to find just by driving old cane roads and papaya field farms.

papayas 002

I don’t know why I even attempted to go down a few of the roads I did today in my poor little car… (That is now being tuned up on Monday!)

papayas 003

I came across a lot of people living in make shift housing and just regular tarps set up as tents.

I came across an “Eco Village” today that was quite interesting… and to try and be as discreet as I can about this little community of people… let’s just say that wearing clothes was not the highest priority on their list.

The one thing that I kept friggin running into… was damn rotten papayas all over the road.  I could feel my tires slipping everytime they would run over one of them buggahs.


papayas 004

If I wanted papaya… I would have grown my own.

3 Responses

  1. That’s call Bait & Switch, my friends. We thought we were getting a glimpse of a secret community, and when we got here, we got papayas instead! :P We just got Papaya’d, yo!!!!

  2. Mango is much worse…

  3. What, no papaya commune villager pics?

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