KHON Features Big Islands Tetris Man Henk Rogers

In August, I blogged about the Henk Rogers, the Big Island man that was behind Tetris.

Henk Rogers

Henk Rogers, one of the guys behind Tetris

KHON News finally featured the guy the other night… But of course didn’t mention anything about him being from the Big Island.

It’s called the “greatest game of all time” by Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine. Tetris was born in Russia, but a local man gave life to it, making it an international phenomenon…

More Here

Here is the video of Henk first meeting Alexy Pazhitnov the real creator of Tetris:

This is first ever video of Алексей Пажитнов (Alexey Pazhitnov), creator of Tetris meeting with Henk Rogers, in USSR. A really nice guy ! :) Thanks a lot for Tetris ! %)


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