FBI Blogs Redesign

So I’ve changed up the FBI Blogs a bit.

I’m not sure how much I like it… but at least the links are more visible and it gives it more of a “News Format”.

You can check out the new design on the FBI Blogs here.

3 Responses

  1. I trust that using the photos would help the FBI Blog and Bloggers. So I’m fine with using them on FBI Bloggers, but if anyone else wants to use them they need to contact me for permission.

    Could you change the title of my blog at FBI Bloggers to Macario’s Big Island?

    Mahalo for the good work.


  2. Well I like some of it. It does need to be tuned. I really like that FBI is more defined and stronger looking. I don’t think the comment bars add to the look and it would probably be cleaner looking without them. As always in design the negative space says a lot and there’s too much of it. But I can see the possibilities. And I can see how much work this is.

    Mahalo, Macario

    Damon – I tried to eliminate those Comment bars but using this template it just switched the wording to something even more obnoxious.

  3. I think I liked the old format better…

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