So it looks like work will be taking me to the west side of the Island for a few days this week.

I’ll be getting reimbursed well for the time away from the family… but I would like to at least have a little fun while I’m there.

Anyone have any suggestions for things to do at night on the Kona side of the island?

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  1. I’ll be happy if the hotel I’m staying at has a pool at it.

    I’ll be finding out more details tomorrow.

    I appreciate all your comments.

  2. Not a lot of night life in Kona, but…

    Try Kona Brew Pub. Excellent atmosphere outside, entertainment some (usually weekend) nights. Wailua Wheat (lilikoi) Ale can’t be beat (oh, and the hummus…).

    Wednesday nights join or watch the Mele Ohana Kani Ka Pila (http://tinyurl.com/dbmjxm). Great, great people. Fun, music, and pizza after. Keauhou shopping ctr.

    Coconut Grove shopping center has a volleyball court that is oftentimes happening on weeknights. And across the street, Huggos usually has live music.

  3. At night? In Kona? Bwahahahahaha….

  4. I’m usually available if there will be food … let me know if you are free for a meal … or around snack time!

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