Saturday Pahoa Museums “First Saturday Soiree’s” Continues


LAST MONTHS Flier (Time has changed)

The Pahoa Museum is hosting its second First Saturday Soiree this Saturday, show starts at 7.  $10 at the door, $5 if you are seriously dressed your best.

Click on here for images and video from the last soiree held last month:



7 Responses

  1. Actually, Concerned person brings a question. I’ve never been to the Pahoa Museum. From the previous posts- it looks like an art musuem. Is it solely art? Or is it a mix of things, like art, science and history?

  2. not worried about being an alias… {Snip}

    Damon – Well then I guess you’re not worried that you won’t be able to comment here any more

  3. Concerned Person…

    I’m concerned that you are obviously hiding behind an Alias.

    I don’t give much thought to anonymous people throwing blows at people.

  4. looks like a bunch of hippies to me? This truly does represent the Punatics.

  5. What does any of this half to do with a regional museum. Where is the hawaiian culture. Oh you should call this another scam, where does the money go to that they collect at the door. Is this a joke?
    So a bunch of free spirited people get to call this a museum. Okay,

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