Project Better Place Cars to Cost Consumers Between $4,000 and $5,000 Yearly in Battery “Subscriptions”… Agassi Looking to Tap Stimulus Funds for Hawaii Market

I’ve been blogging about Project Better Place coming to Hawaii before most people even heard about it.

Now Shai Agassi himself has put a dollar figure on what it’s going to cost to run one of these buggahs annually.

…Agassi says he expects Better Place to earn between $4,000 and $5,000 in annual battery subscription fees per car. That would be the equivalent of buying $76 to $100 worth of gasoline a week, which seems on the high side for even a suburban commuter given current gasoline prices. That’s also far more than what Better Place’s initial urban customers likely pay for gas. Of course, the wild card is the price of gas. If it goes back up to $4 or more per gallon, Better Place’s numbers start to look more reasonable…

…He’s hoping to tap stimulus package funds to help pay for Hawaii’s network…

Like I said before… Only the wealthy will be able to afford these things.

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