Internet Scandal… A Fox Watching the Hen House or Burning My Own Readership?

Earlier tonight I posted the email replies that I got from Hawaii County Corporation Counsel Lincoln Ashida and Councilman Dominic Yagong regarding the County Employee internet scandal.

I have some concerns about this investigation.

I don’t think for one second that they will be able to find evidence of people surfing on their own laptops and networks during county time, even though I know that some do.

And a big concern… Why is the Fox Watching the Hen House on this?  We should have a Private Investigator investigating this… not someone from the county.

In one of his replies to me he states:

I hate to say it Mr. Ashida…. but my blog, as well as others, can  provide more valuable resources to the counties workers then our own newspapers can provide at times.

You shouldn’t hate to say it.  It may be true.  I believe you are proceeding on a false assumption. I never said it was inappropriate to visit and review sites like yours.  In fact, as I stated in my lengthy email to Tiffany Edwards-Hunt and others upon their request, I believe it is the responsibility of County officers to understand, appreciate and be sensitive to the feelings of the public we all serve.  This includes correcting erroneous and uninformed factual assertions made in all forms of publicly available media.

A friend put it to me in an interesting way:

I think this issue could best be put to rest if the County was to have a private agency investigate this issue and provide its feedback to the public. I know cost would be an argument against having a private entity do this investigation, but it would mean much more to the public sector to have an independent ruling than to have a County employee investigate itself.

Besides, if we are talking cost effectiveness isn’t it more cost effective to have county employees engaged in their mission of providing services to us rather than having them look for reasons to read blogs during their working hours and searching for excuses to correct the public in “erroneous and uninformed factual assertions…..?”


Well whatever comes of this investigation, I hope the readers of my blog that were scared to view it on County time start reading it from at home… or if this thing simmers down… from at work… at least once a day. ;)

But then again… I don’t get paid by visitors… and I can’t really say that the county workers are missing anything important… Other then everything the local papers seem to forget about. ;)

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