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UH Researchers: Second Born Kids More Rebellious

A new research has confirmed what many parents long suspected: Second-born kids are more likely to be rebellious in later life than their more conservative older siblings…

…To reach the conclusion, researchers at the Pennsylvania State University, the University of Hawaii at Manoa and Purdue University interviewed 364 children in the United States between the ages of seven and 19 and their parents…

More Here

BREAKING NEWS: This Blogger suddenly decided to skip number 2 and have number 3 when the time comes!

Dear Lincoln Ashida… The Hawaii County Internet Scandal?

I sent the following email off to Hawaii Corporation Counsel Lincoln Ashida this evening…

He seems to be very open and has responded to most of the Bloggers that have inquired about this investigation.  His most recent reply looks like it was over at Poinography.

So I figure while us “Bloggers” have his attention, I’d toss him a bone to chew on:

…I have a couple questions regarding this Internet “Scandal” that is going on.

1. Do you consider visiting blogs on county time Internet Abuse?
2. Do you consider responding to newspaper articles in the comment section Internet Abuse?
3. What do you think the punishment should be for violators of the above if they were found to be visiting sites deemed not appropriate to county business?

In the April 29th Hawaii Tribune you stated:

…The investigation has focused on whether employees accessed inappropriate sites, conducted illegal activities while working or simply spent too much time surfing the Web, Ashida said…”

4. My question then… How will you separate employees who surfed on County time on their own personal laptops and wireless providers during county work time?

5. Do these county employees get a “pass” on this whole investigation simply because they have their own laptops and internet providers?

Punishing one employee for surfing the web on county time only because you can find out about their use and allowing others to simply slide because you can not bust them seems a bit unfair to me.

I look forward to hearing your response… (and it will be posted on my blog if you choose to respond)

Thanks to this investigation… the number of visits to my blog has tumbled and I provide more information then something like what you addressed in the newspaper.

“…The Internet should not be used for non-county purposes,” Ashida said. “However, the policy (that employees sign) does recognize there might be some times when the use would be permitted.” For example, an employee could research product recalls or to learn about swine flu outbreaks, he said…”

I hate to say it Mr. Ashida… but my blog, as well as others, can  provide more valuable resources to the counties workers then our own newspapers can provide at times.

I look forward to your reply,

Damon Tucker

(just realized I forgot to number 4 and 5 on the email… hope he answers all 5 questions)

*Updated Video Working* Brief History of Water Rights in Hawaii

Earth Justice attorney Issac Muriwake gives a summary of the last 150 years of Water Law in Hawaii. An eye-opening, informative video captured on Earth Day at a film screening of “The Water Front”, held at Mau Community College and sponsored by Maui Tomorrow Foundation.


Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp Coming to Honolulu

Imagine it’s 1977, you’re on tour with Led Zeppelin, and you’ve just arrived for a week stint in Hawaii. You’re escorted through the airport by private security, through the throngs of fans just waiting to get a glimpse, into your black stretch limousine. You check into a luxury hotel and head straight to your suite where John Bonham not unexpectedly throws the television from the hotel balcony. Your band manager comes by to tell you Bowie is in town at the studio, and wants you to drop in and lay down some tracks. You stop down at the pool-side bar first for a mid-afternoon Mai Tai where the atmosphere is electric and the bikini-clad girls are plentiful. Rod Stewart is there with his ex-bandmate Ronnie Wood, and you can’t help but think to yourself how cool The Faces were. Imagine the glory days of Rock & Roll, the music that defined a generation, and the artists who changed our world. THAT’S The Rock & Roll Experience.


From October 7 through October 11, the Experience will offer a fantasy camp in Honolulu, Hawaii, featuring songwriting workshops, rock lessons, and jam sessions. At the camp, all attendees will hone their performing and writing talents in preparation to open the stage at the Pipeline Café on the final night for an unannounced “legendary headlining band.” In addition, attendees will live the dream of a rock star with a manager, roadies, and techs at their disposal, luxury hotel accommodations, personal concierge service, spa treatments, and a professional music photographer on hand to capture all the glory. Living the life of a rock star is an expensive venture, however, since the cost of attendance is almost eight thousand dollars.

Aiding in the experience will be members of legendary rock bands such as the Sex Pistols (Glen Matlock), Devo (Gerald Casale), the Beach Boys (Al Jardine), Tommy Petty and the Heartbreakers (Steve Ferrone), Blondie (Clem Burke) and the MC5 (Wayne Kramer), as well as Earl Slick, guitarist for David Bowie.

About the Rock and Roll Experience, co-founder Zak Einstein said, “People will get to live their rock and roll dreams, play music with rock legends, and be treated like celebrities themselves” all the while “eating, drinking, and jamming with our celebrity artists.”

Individuals interested in making their rock dreams a reality can get additional details at rockandrollexperience.com