Peak Hours on H-130 Answered… Do We Really Need to Spend $56 Million on this Highway? Public Information Meetings on Highway 130 Begin Tomorrow

I asked what exactly the “Peak Hours” of congestion on Highway 130 were that was studied during the Highway 130 KPAG meetings that I was involved with.

I finally received an answer to this question that we are basing this $56 million dollar project on…

Roger Dyar, Consulting Traffic Engineer, has responded to your question regarding the peak hour used in Level of Service. The peak hours studied in the report are 7:00 to 8:00 a.m. and 4:15 to 5:15 p.m. This information will be incorporated into the KPAG Meeting #6 Summary.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Heather Forester, Planner –

I find it pretty funny that I’m getting this information less then 24 hours before the first official public meeting on this project is to take place.

I know myself driving from 7:30 – 8:00 in the morning from the end of Pahoa Town to Keaau that the traffic is not that bad and most of the traffic has made it into town already.

And in the evening… the problems run much later then 5:15.

Less yet, these estimates were done at a time (2002 – 7 years ago) when our growth patterns here in Puna were shooting off the charts. With the economy going the way it is… I don’t see near as many people moving to Puna in the next 30 years as originally expected.

Do we really need to spend $56 Million Dollars on a new Highway? It’s not to late to say no.

It’s a 30 year project… In thirty years who knows what the problems will be on the Big Island?

Reminder: The first of two public information meetings will be held tomorrow at Pahoa High and Intermediate School at 5:30.


Table 2: Estimated Average Daily Traffic Along Keaau-Pahoa Road

From – To: 2002—-2018—-2028—-2038 (Year)

Keaau Bypass Opukahaia Street 21,300 31,900 41,000 52,700

Opukahaia Street Transfer Station 20,400 30,700 39,600 51,100

Transfer Station Shower Drive 22,100 31,500 39,300 49,100

Shower Drive Pohaku Place 16,700 24,400 30,900 39,100

Pohaku Place Kaloli Drive 16,700 24,300 30,800 39,000

Kaloli Drive Pohaku Circle 16,700 22,800 27,700 33,700

Pohaku Circle Orchidland Drive 13,800 20,500 26,200 33,600

Orchidland Drive Paradise Drive 13,800 20,300 25,800 32,800

Paradise Drive Aulii Street 12,100 17,500 21,900 27,600

Aulii Street Makuu Drive 12,100 17,400 21,900 27,500

Makuu Drive Ilima Street 12,100 16,000 19,100 22,800

Ilima Street Ainaloa Boulevard 12,100 16,000 19,100 22,800

Ainaloa Boulevard Ka Ohuwalu Drive 11,700 15,600 18,700 22,400

Ka Ohuwalu Drive Kaluahine Place 11,700 15,800 19,100 23,100

Kaluahine Place Old Pahoa Road 6,000 11,000 16,100 23,600

Old Pahoa Road Kahakai Boulevard 4,200 7,400 10,600 15,200

Kahakai Boulevard Nanawale Homestead Road 4,000 6,200 8,200 10,800

Nanawale Homestead Road Unnamed Road 4,000 6,000 7,800 10,100

Unnamed Road Pahoa-Kapoho Road 6,600 7,900 8,900 10,000

Pahoa-Kapoho Road Leilani Estates 4,700 6,800 8,500 10,700

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  1. The wording worries me – it doesn’t say when the peak hours are. Read it carefully. It says the peak hours studied. What that means to me is that they only looked at the traffic between those times.

    Anyone driving on H-130 in the evening knows that the peak traffic hour in the evening is not 4:14 to 5:15pm, it occurs from 3:30pm to around 6:30pm or even later if it’s raining.

    I can’t be at the meeting, but can someone question this wording?

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