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12 Year Old Opera Singer From Pahoa: Rosalinde Rivera

Susan Boyle… were you this good or cute at 12?

Introducing 12 year old Pahoa Opera Singer Rosalinde Rivera (AKA Operababe96):




You can follow Rosalinde on her youtube page here

Missing BLUE Hen: Last Seen Being Chased By Two Dogs


This sign just cracks me up.

Does the owner really think they are getting their “Blue Chicken” back?”

I mean come on now… a Herding dog and a Rottweiler?

My money is on the Rottweiler had a good chicken dinner.

Just a Random Jackass

I drove by this buggah today.


I stopped and got out of my car because he was so calm.  I was gonna make a movie real quick of him… but my dang batteries ran out before I had the chance.

I did snap this other picture of him/her?


Happiest Day of My Life… ACCEPTED!

I just got home and my son started telling me all about everything that happened to him today.

Then my wife cut in and said… Don’t you have something your SUPPOSED to tell your dad…

And my son blurted out…. “I’M GOING TO KAMEHAMEHA FOR SCHOOL”.


Yes… It’s true! My son got his official acceptance letter today.

Aerial View of the New Big Island Campus

Aerial View of the New Big Island Campus

A Cheap Way to Promote Your Pet

Big Island on the Cheap featured a post the other day about the Hawaii Humane Society featuring a “Pets in Paradise Calendar” contest.

I noticed they don’t like pigs that much so I guess I’m out of luck.

…Any pet image may be submitted and could include, for example, dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, birds, goats or fish…

More info here

I wish our pigs were this cute!

I wish our pigs were this cute!