State Lists Delinquent Tax Payers… Waiakea Villas Listed at #8 – Boxer Dennis Alexio Also Listed

This is a list of individuals and/or businesses owing large tax debts to the State of Hawaii:

Gary T Okumura General Excise, Income $1,989,112.79
Dominic L Shewcraft General Excise, Income $1,348,666.57
S W R Office Equipment Inc General Excise, Withholding, County Surcharge, Income $803,747.09
James H Love General Excise, Withholding $734,261.78
James H Love & Blossom J Love Income $386,952.62
Blossom J Love Withholding $309,895.18
Noble George General Excise, Income $682,520.20
Waiakea Villas LL General Excise, Transient Accommodations $676,148.48
Arsalan Darmal General Excise, Income $640,373.62
Arsalan Darmal & Laila Darmal Income $5,491.30
Ronald S Carlson General Excise, Income $574,567.43
Floyd G Bloss General Excise, Income $534,461.03
Dennis R Alexio Income $531,016.31
Mark R Glavor Income $517,238.38
Mark R Glavor & Anita L Glavor Income $3,007.43
Francis K Livingston General Excise, Withholding, Income $493,680.90
Thomas Getty General Excise $482,878.84
Thomas Getty & Neria Getty Income $52,981.06
Glen M Swartwout General Excise, Income $472,199.06
Security Konsultants Inc General Excise, Withholding, County Surcharge $455,393.89
Pat E Keller General Excise, Income $445,777.85
Biodyne Provider Group Of Hi P C General Excise $426,750.78
Leslie H Funai General Excise $394,206.23
Diana Murashige Withholding $391,552.86
Myles Murashige Withholding $274,120.78
Michael E Stewart General Excise, Income $390,230.11
General Projection Systems Inc General Excise $386,315.11
Paul L Klink General Excise, Withholding, Income $371,955.22
Paul L Klink & Hiroyo Klink Income $211,578.57
Charles H Smith General Excise, Withholding, Income $358,946.84
Chris A Loughran General Excise, Income $350,715.64
Patrick J McCarthy Income $285,900.37
Eric Maehara Income $284,821.20
Michael G Moran General Excise, Withholding, Income $265,357.21
Charles M Vandersnick General Excise, Transient Accommodations, Income $208,334.73
Herbert A Heyward General Excise, Income $190,021.86
Tina A Pliura-Mohr General Excise, Income $161,057.44
Herbert J Irvin General Excise, Income $138,251.73
William D Matthies Income $125,047.52
Sandra D Thompson General Excise, Income $121,063.03

I have to snicker a bit at Waiakea Villas because I used to live there.

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