My Wife “Bugs” Me

I love my wife and I couldn’t be a happier guy with anyone else.  Of course just like all couples, we have our differences at times and part of that stems from being raised in two complete different cultures.

Her being raised more “Country/Hawaiian” and me being raised more “City/Mainland” style.

She is much more the scientific of the two of us and much of the last decade she has been working with “Bugs” here in Hawaii.

Tonight she brought home the following:


Here is a short clip of my son checking out the buggahs moving around:


I’ve gotten used to my wife bringing home things when I’m not looking.  Heck, that’s how we got BOTH of our dogs!

When she went back to college to take some extra classes needed for her current job, she was on a mission to capture every bug that she would come across if she hadn’t already collected them.

Here is a sampling of her collection:

"Flying Bugs"

"Flying Bugs"

The above “Flying Bugs” are classified as Lepidoptera

The flying bugs were captured using nets and lights most of the time at night time.

More Flying Bugs

More Flying Bugs

These flying bugs have three classifications; Coleoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera

"Water Skippers and Misc"

"Water Skippers and Misc" the ***TERA Collection

These are all classified in a bunch of different species.  On the bottom left you will find the Hemiptera’s…. Now that I look more closely at these bugs… they all have something followed by… “TERA”

Dragonfly Collection

Dragonfly Collection

I asked my wife how come half the bodies were missing on many of the dragonfly’s, and she said that for they only needed half the dragonfly.  (Ruthless scientist will do anything to save space these days)

The Haydentera

The Haydentera

Of course she’s got my son into the bugs and he even helped catch a few.

Of course the “Haydentera” is the bug that I love the most!

The question most people ask, is how do you mount them?

Well the trick is to catch the bug alive in a “Breathable container” and then simply freeze the “Buggahs” alive that way you don’t damage things like the wings or the legs/arms of the critters.

3 Responses

  1. Great post! I am glad I asked you a “buggy” question the other day!

    It is wonderful for your son to be able to have a mom that loves collecting bugs! I once had a butterfly collection in college.

  2. Damon,
    I hear the ‘coqui chorus’ in the background of the silkworm video. Did you have to pay them extra to perform?

  3. How wonderful that our little guy is being exposed to bug science as well as computer stuff at such a young age.

    Of your, you and I know how we hated our science General University Requirements. Not our strongest academic areas.

    Love, Mom/Gramma

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