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*Update 3* Historic Hawaii Video Footage from 1916 *Translation Added Below*

There is some absolutely amazing footage in this clip!

I believe this is the old sugarcane train rushing through the Big Island in the first part.  Watch as the train goes over the bridge as the people just sit there on the edge of those platforms!

Check out some of the shots that are shown in this “out of the archives” footage:


The translations of the title cards (thanks to PaulW)

De Hawaianeilanden in Vogelvlucht:

Birds-eye view of the Hawaiian Islands.

Deze eilanden behooren tot de Sandwich eilanden. Het landschap is zeer bergachtig:

These islands belong to the Sandwich Isles. The landscape is very mountainous.

Een tochtje op de Hilo baan:

A ride on the Hilo track.

De inboorlingen visschen in de brandingen met behulp van werpnetten:

The natives fish in the surf with the help of nets.

Typen uit Hawaian:

Characters from Hawaii.

Met een snelheid van 35 K.M. per uur door de branding:

With a speed of 20 mph through the surf.


41 Responses

  1. Damon

    You never cease to amaze me. Mahalo for finding the old video. surely it made my month!
    PS. I get my shoulder operated on in 3 weeks. hopefully it will work.

  2. I’m bummed! the “Paradise of the pacific” film clip has been removed by the user? is there a way to view it?

  3. Damon: I loved watching the footage film from time to time and showing it to family members. I was disappointed when I found you had taken it off. Any chance of re-viewing it on U-tube. It is such a classic. I adore trains and the music is so enchanting as you get a view of the ride as it was Back then. Part of Hawaii gone forever.


    • Unfortunately, I wasn’t the owner of the youtube clip. Some museum out of Germany was the owner of the clip.

      For some reason or another, they have removed the clip from youtube. I have done extensive searches for it to re-post on here… unfortunately it is no longer available.

      If I can find another copy of it… I will re-post it.

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