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Macadamia Nuts Get Dogs Sick

I heard on the radio this morning that Macadamia Nuts were harmful to dogs and could possibly kill them if they ate them.

I just couldn’t figure out how that was possible, but the radio dj kept on going on and on about it so I noted it to myself to check it out personally and sure enough… Macadamia nuts and dogs just do not mix!

…Each year, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) receives calls concerning dogs consuming varying amounts of macadamia nuts (see boxed text). These relatively infrequent calls involve remarkably consistent findings and outcomes…

…From 1987 to 2001, the ASPCA APCC received 48 calls concerning dogs consuming macadamia nuts…

More Here

Police to Start Patrolling Pahoa on Bikes SOON

In January I blogged that Pahoa would be getting a bike patrol soon.  The Honolulu Advertiser mentioned today that it would be starting up SOON.

…Ten officers received special bicycle training: four each in Hilo and Puna and two in Kona. The Police Department plans to train additional officers in Kona, and bike patrols in downtown Pahoa are expected to start soon, Cortez said.

More Here

Census Block

We have what are called “Assigned Areas” (AA’s) that equate to a bunch of right turns that are suppose to equate to “Blocks”.


Example of a Census Block on the Mainland

Because of the canvassing methodology that is required to make sure that we don’t miss houses, they want us to traverse in a clockwise manner around each block (AA) that we are in.

Depending on where your (AA) is located, your block could be really tiny or really large.  Some of the (AA’s) that could be tiny in size… could actually be heavy in actual workload and input.

It’s basically how “dense” a block is with houses that equates to how much work I do and whether I use my car or not in making some of my rounds.  A lot of my early census work was done in Hilo where many of the blocks were small and required me to get out of the car going door-to-door on foot.

Now, I’m in more of a rural area where the blocks can literally end up being 10 miles – 20 miles in actual circumference.  (For my off island readers… remember that Puna itself is larger then the entire island of Oahu.)  So in many of these blocks that I’m going through, I use my car.

This provides a few things to my advantage.

1. I don’t have to walk all the time 2. I’m protected from the rain most of the time 3. I always know where my car is located and I don’t have to worry about someone breaking into my car and 4) it provides an automatic noise of someone going up most gravel driveways so if people are home… they aren’t so surprised by me just walking up on them and 5) the most important thing… It provides a shield from the dogs that come barking at me.

The thing that sucks with a lot of these rural blocks that are pretty much assigned by someone in Washington DC that knows nothing about the area, is that many of the roads in Puna that they have on their maps, have now been long over grown or are gated off or are just so damaged that cars have never even gone on these roads in years.  Yet, according to my “Assigned Area” they want me to go into these areas!!!

Well this is where we have what is called an “Info Comm” and we can report an area that we just can’t get to.  Luckily, one of those check boxes includes dangerous areas… and yes, vicious dogs fall under that category.


*Update 3* Historic Hawaii Video Footage from 1916 *Translation Added Below*

There is some absolutely amazing footage in this clip!

I believe this is the old sugarcane train rushing through the Big Island in the first part.  Watch as the train goes over the bridge as the people just sit there on the edge of those platforms!

Check out some of the shots that are shown in this “out of the archives” footage:


The translations of the title cards (thanks to PaulW)

De Hawaianeilanden in Vogelvlucht:

Birds-eye view of the Hawaiian Islands.

Deze eilanden behooren tot de Sandwich eilanden. Het landschap is zeer bergachtig:

These islands belong to the Sandwich Isles. The landscape is very mountainous.

Een tochtje op de Hilo baan:

A ride on the Hilo track.

De inboorlingen visschen in de brandingen met behulp van werpnetten:

The natives fish in the surf with the help of nets.

Typen uit Hawaian:

Characters from Hawaii.

Met een snelheid van 35 K.M. per uur door de branding:

With a speed of 20 mph through the surf.


Lawsuit Alleges “Slow and Unreliable” Clearwire Service in Hawaii

Some Clearwire subscribers are seeking class-action status for a complaint against the provider that alleges the company’s wireless, high-speed Internet and phone service is shoddy and unreliable. The lawsuit also claims Clearwire’s advertising is misleading…

…The complaint appears to originate from customers in Clearwire’s pre-WiMAX markets, including Washington, Hawaii, Minnesota, and North Carolina.

More Here