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Solving the Islands Hunger Problem… With Mongoose Meat?

I came along someone trapping mongoose today… Is two mongoose called Mongeese?


I’ve never gotten so close to one in my life.  I got about 3 feet from the caged ones… and they started Hissing like a snake!  It kind of freaked me out.

Did you know that you can eat mongoose?  I kid you not… Here’s just one little tid bit on Mongoose Meat.

Hey… different flavors for different people.  I don’t know if I could stomach it… but I’d think about making Jerky out of it if I were starving.

13 Responses

  1. this is so weird

    • One mongoose, two or more mongooses. Mongoose is a British corruption of the Marathi (from India) word ‘Mungus’. Am guessing mongoose is a bit like squirrel (which I have eaten), OK to eat if you’re in a tight spot. Looking forward to trying my first one to find out… ;)

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