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Solving the Islands Hunger Problem… With Mongoose Meat?

I came along someone trapping mongoose today… Is two mongoose called Mongeese?


I’ve never gotten so close to one in my life.  I got about 3 feet from the caged ones… and they started Hissing like a snake!  It kind of freaked me out.

Did you know that you can eat mongoose?  I kid you not… Here’s just one little tid bit on Mongoose Meat.

Hey… different flavors for different people.  I don’t know if I could stomach it… but I’d think about making Jerky out of it if I were starving.

Dangerous By Design?

When your tire hits a pothole on County roads and there is damage done, supposedly the County is liable for the damages.

I came across some of the most dangerous damn storm drains that I have ever seen.  They were designed very poorly and they are just a serious accident waiting to happen.


There is a series of drains that are all similar to this along this Street if my memory serves me correct.  Most of them have a yellow plastic pole sticking out in front of them to mark them but a few didn’t.


If it had been raining or dark, I probably wouldn’t have been able to see them at all!  They aren’t in the road, however they are on the side of the road where I had pulled over to look at a map.  Had I forgotten that it was in front of me, I would have nailed this buggah.

Actual Picture of My “Head”

The other day I posed the question of where you folks might think the  picture of my new “Header” was taken.

Here is the actual photograph before the image is cropped.  The buildings you see in the background are the ones owned by  Pahoa Auto Repair next to Woodland Center Market place.

The Sign is actually the entrance sign by Pahoa Marketplace across the street from the lot.

What makes this picture unique though… is soon enough… you will be seeing a KFC and a Burger King there blocking out those buildings.

If you look real close next to the second tree from the left, you can see one of the Construction Vehicles in the picture.