Tazer Incident at Keaau High School… My Thoughts

The Department of Education, the board overseeing the state’s schools and local police are doing separate investigations into an affray Tuesday at Keaau High School that led to the arrest of six students and one 17-year-old student being subdued with a Taser.

So the police tazered a kid at Keaau High School and it seems like many people are blaming many different reasons for what went down at the school.  Only those that were present know what went down so speculating what should and shouldn’t have been done is kind of useless.

Former Waiakea faculty member Brian Jordan thinks having more male role models would help:

…Students with severe discipline problems need to be in a school with MORE MALE ROLE MODELS…

…The lack of male teachers causes a security risk. These kids are BIG. Many are violent from years of neglect and all manner of abuse (physical, sexual,substance). The first thing that needs to happen is the old school complex needs to be a mostly male teacher campus…

I don’t know what the percentage of male to female faculty members are at the High School, but, at the Middle School, the staff is about 50-50 Male to Female.

It’s not the DOE’s fault that many MEN do not choose to go into the education field. I think it’s Society’s fault for not putting the value in teachers in general. If teachers were more respected, meaning higher pay, more authority, and less restrictions on what they can and cannot teach… the whole learning environment would be much better.

Right now with the NCLB act mandating that public schools be taught in such a structured format, many kids that go to them just can’t stand the format… and literally become a problem because they are bored at school. Most of the trouble that I see first hand at the “Feeder School” to the High School, stems from attitude problems that have nothing to do with the teachers at the school… It’s the system that the kids are in. The whole DOE needs a complete overall from top to bottom.

When will Hawaii wake up and realize that we are still one of the few States in America that still has a Statewide governance of the School System instead of local school boards?

Do you really think that Board of Education sitting over there on Oahu knows what kind of problems Big Island families face compared to Oahu?  I don’t know…

…Police say the use of the stun gun on the student was appropriate. But some parents and at least one Board of Education member are questioning the use of force.

“I’m having one of my staff analysts investigate how often this (stun gun) is being done. We want to get to the bottom of this,” said BOE member Mary Cochran.

“If this kid engaged in activity violent enough to warrant the use of a Taser, I don’t know. That’s what we’re trying to find out,” Cochran said…

I constantly am amazed at just how big some of these Middle School Students are.  I have students that are much bigger then me, and I’m almost 6 feet tall.  These are only 6th-8th graders mind you… not High School students.

I’ll say it once more for clarification… it’s not the schools/teachers/faculties  fault most of the times when problems do arise at schools… It’s the system.

All the way from the Governance of the Schools, to the way parents are raising their children.

Some people are blaming it all on the parents as well… and I do think there is a bit more merit in blaming the parents for what happens at the school.  As we all know, education begins at home.

I just have one question… I believe some of the Honolulu  Tazer guns have a camera installed on them so that anytime a gun is used, there is a video of the incident.

Does anyone know if Big Island’s cops have this device on their Tazers?  It would be interesting to see a video of the actual incident.

Here is an example of those guns:


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  1. cant blame the moms for the lack of PROPER disapline at the school I am not there I have had teachers in the High school call my child a piece of F***en S**T. how does this teach the kids to use their manners in a place that has NONE, hey there are great teachers but there are plenty of teachers who obviously HATE their Job… The kid probably got pushed to the point where his young mind no matter HOW big they are thought they were in danger… And I know I shaddow my Child Regularly. Treat them with respect and like young men and woman instead of small children and you will gain their respect
    -mother of 4 TEENS

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