When a Man’s Gotta Go… He Shouldn’t Go On Another Passenger!

A 28-Year old man was sentenced to three weeks in jail for urinating on a woman during a flight to Hawaii.

Jerome Kenneth Kingzio,  28, was sentenced to three weeks in jail after pleading guilty to assault charges…

…As she watched an in-flight movie, Kingzio, who had been drinking alcohol, suddenly stood up and started urinating on her…

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  1. s/batrom/bathroom/

    Darn it, the link had been striped out from my post. One last try: http://consumerist.com/5214728/traveler-arrested-for-bathroom-emergency-on-delta-flight

  2. In related news, a man spent two days in jail due to a bathrom emergency.–

  3. I read this and wanted to throw up. I’m not sure whats worse – urinating on the woman, or the fact that the airline allowed the man on board the plane in that state!

  4. That is the grossest thing I have heard of in ages. Almost as gross as those toes of yours.

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