Bandits On the Run… Hilo Marathon Seeking Assistance

The organizers of the Hilo Marathon are asking for the publics help in identifying “BANDITS” who ran the 2009 Hilo Marathon with out paying for the entry fees.

From what I gather, this is a serious problem for marathon organizers throughout the world.  Runners who enter races w/out the entry fee.

Wayne Joseph estimates that about 2,000 or more bandits will jump into the Boston Marathon coming up in a few weeks.

“…It cost us, Hilo Marathon, thousands of dollars to get the permits, police, security, aid station, course marshals, etc………… even host this event.  The Hilo Marathon is a not for profit organization…” Joseph replied via email.

Here is just one of numerous pictures Mr. Joseph has posted on his blog.  The runner on the left is missing their assigned runners number while the runner on the right is dressed as runners should be throughout the race.


While we can’t just throw everyone under the bus who may not be wearing their number… I’m hoping that Mr. Joseph can find the perps of this heinous crime! ;)

To view more of the “Alleged Bandits”, check out Wayne Joseph’s Blog.

Like I told Mr. Joseph…  Who would be crazy enough to “Bandit”  a marathon?  I wouldn’t even attempt to run one if someone paid me to do it!

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  1. Geez maybe their number fell off. If he’s that concerned why not ask runner 639 – they clearly know each other…

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