Public Works and Intergovernmental Relations Committee… Resolution Requesting a Ban on the Release of Biological Control Agents

Wow… A committee that I didn’t even know existed has surfaced. The Public Works and Intergovernmental Relations Committee.

Interesting that it just began shortly after the November Fiasco where Public Works Spokesperson Noelani Whittington attempted to blackball me along with a few other bloggers… Of which I have still not received an apology or an explanation as to why I was in the directive.

So a quick look into some of these files shows that the upcoming April 21st meeting will be touching with the following unfinished business:


The Vibe… Little Red Riding Hood Would Be Proud

As I’m cruising along doing my work these days, certain places and certain neighborhoods put out a certain vibe.

Some of these neighborhoods feel quite welcoming, while others I’d rather not venture into… and I certainly wouldn’t venture into them if I didn’t have business in the area.

Yesterday I blogged about the weird vibe I got from this place:


I didn’t stumble across any weird cemetery today, however, I was stuck in a weird neighborhood where none of the house addresses were either posted on the front entrance of their place… or their house!

What this then requires me to do… is make a “Courtesy Contact” where I’m supposed to ask for information from the resident about the address of the location only.

Well many of these people don’t have their addresses posted for a reason!  They simply don’t want visitors coming on to their property at all.  Needless to say, today I was in a few of those neighborhoods.

Why does it always seem that the houses that don’t have their addresses posted are the ones that seem to have the big ass scary dogs!

In a few neighborhoods today, I felt like I was dangerously close to getting my car stuck because I was doing some serious off roading!  Mind you I’m not using the 4×4 for this job that I normally drive to work… simply because I’m seriously putting on some serious mileage on my car and I figure if the Government is going to pay me for the mileage… I my as well try to suck as much out of the government as I can… since they have no problem sucking money out of me when it comes their turn.

Today, I ran across a pretty cool house.  Needless to say… I wasn’t too worried about approaching the owner.  Gee… I wonder who lives here?


Little Red Riding Hood would be proud of me today!

Bandits On the Run… Hilo Marathon Seeking Assistance

The organizers of the Hilo Marathon are asking for the publics help in identifying “BANDITS” who ran the 2009 Hilo Marathon with out paying for the entry fees.

From what I gather, this is a serious problem for marathon organizers throughout the world.  Runners who enter races w/out the entry fee.

Wayne Joseph estimates that about 2,000 or more bandits will jump into the Boston Marathon coming up in a few weeks.

“…It cost us, Hilo Marathon, thousands of dollars to get the permits, police, security, aid station, course marshals, etc………… even host this event.  The Hilo Marathon is a not for profit organization…” Joseph replied via email.

Here is just one of numerous pictures Mr. Joseph has posted on his blog.  The runner on the left is missing their assigned runners number while the runner on the right is dressed as runners should be throughout the race.


While we can’t just throw everyone under the bus who may not be wearing their number… I’m hoping that Mr. Joseph can find the perps of this heinous crime! ;)

To view more of the “Alleged Bandits”, check out Wayne Joseph’s Blog.

Like I told Mr. Joseph…  Who would be crazy enough to “Bandit”  a marathon?  I wouldn’t even attempt to run one if someone paid me to do it!

To Tell The Truth on Hawaii Civil Union Bill HB444

Had to laugh at this little parody put together by someone:


Hawaii Celebrities and Their Pets… The Fashion Show

Everyone loves their pets a bit more then they should at times:

Award winning pet fashion present at the Hawaii Women Expo by Cocojor by local celebrities showing off their dogs, birds, etc:


Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair Needs Financial Boost


2009 Pele Awards

The Hawaii Advertising Federation held its annual Pele Awards, honoring the year’s best creative work in advertising, marketing and design produced in the state of Hawaii.

At this year’s ceremony, OrangeRoc’s core creative team of Melinda Mullis, Andy Jackson, Kristen Makanoa, Rachelle Mendoza, Mike Schutz and Laura Wong was honored with 8 awards for work produced for a diverse group of clients with a wide range of communication needs.
One Pele Award was for packaging produced locally and marketed nationally by stand-up paddle surfing manufacturer C4 Waterman.
OrangeRoc helped launch C4 Waterman 2.5 years ago and has been integral in producing everything from branding, product logos, event displays, brochures, as well as, the award-winning C4 Waterman packaging.

Co-founder Todd Bradley says, “The OrangeRoc team has helped us achieve our brand status and has completely embraced and executed our company’s vision.”

OrangeRoc’s Creative Director Melinda Mullis said another Pele Award, “Represents our commitment to the community by giving back to the arts.”

Chuck Boller, Director of The 2008 Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival said, “This was the first time that the festival had an entirely integrated and cohesive marketing campaign.”

From the trailer concept, posters, and t-shirts, to program guide, PSA and press passes, everything was planned and executed under a single guiding theme. Mike Schutz of OrangeRoc receives additional credit for recognizing the opportunity to help a local arts organization with concepting, planning, producing and implementing a complete, multi-faceted marketing campaign.

These results demonstrate that small companies can produce big results after only three years in business.

OrangeRoc is a testament to focus, commitment and dedication to their clients and community and proves that hard work and passion leads to success.


The following commercial won “Best in Show” for the 2009 Pele Awards! (The guinea pig’s name is WaterLily)