One Persons Grave Is Another Persons Home… 14 Miles Japanese Cemetary

This census canvassing work has taken me into some parts of East Hawaii that I have never been to.  I’m learning a lot about the island.

For instance, I had only seen pictures of the Shipman Bed and Breakfast on the internet… despite being friends with the daughter of the owner of the place.  It looks much larger in the pictures then it is in person.

Part of our responsibilities is looking for “Structures” that could be habitable.  I’ve seen some pretty desperate looking houses in my ventures, as well as seen some incredibly huge houses that look like they could easily have 15-20 bedrooms.

Today I came across the following Habitat:


If you notice closely on the ground, there are a couple of mattresses and on the right there was some clothes as well.

I wasn’t about to enter that structure… I could feel weird vibes coming from the place.

I noticed the following Gravestone/Marker but it was written in Japanese and I couldn’t make out what it said:


Needless to say… I had a bit of trouble determining the status of this structure.

So by the above picture… does anyone have any clue as to where I was canvassing?

It would be interesting to learn some of the history of the places that I’m wandering into.  Some of the times I think I’m wandering into a place that I’ll never come out of.

There definitely is a big difference in the attitude that people treat us census workers in certain neighborhoods.

It certainly does amaze me when people are still so willing to just give out such personal information.  I don’t know how many times I’ve had people ask me if they need to give me information… and I simply tell them no… were only there to get the addresses at this point.

It’s like some people don’t believe that I’d only be there to collect the address and not talk to them.  Oh well… so goes the life of a temporary census worker.

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