Superferry Builders AUSTAL Laying Off Workers

Austal USA officials said they laid off 15 employees Friday and plan to cut another 47 jobs.

The losses result from Austal concluding work on a second Hawaii Superferry, and from the company not receiving a contract that it had expected, said Bill Pfister, vice president for external relations.

Pfister said he could not provide details about the work that Austal did not get

After the layoffs, Austal will employ 1,067 workers at its Mobile River shipyard, Pfister said.

Laid-off workers will not get severance pay, and their benefits stop at midnight of their last day, Pfister said..

…The layoffs came at the end of a week that started with good news for Austal.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates recommended Monday that the Navy buy three, not two, littoral combat ships in the 2010 fiscal year…

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