Puna “Youtube Event” in the Making… Calling All Creative Puna People

Mike Hale, of the Punatic Cyber Cafe, talks about a new project that is seeking Puna people for a “Cyber” documentary.  It sounds kind of like a spin off of MTV’s “Real World” where they follow a cast of characters around and just show what their every day life is like in Puna.

This is a call to action for local musicians, artists and eccentric characters. We need filmers and characters for local drama-documentary-comedy series being kicked off as a non-profit community service. Were here For Puna & Pahoas Talent.


The Punatic Cyber Cafe now has it’s own youtube site that you can find here.

Momentum is building as more and more Raving Punatics come out of the woodwork to film or be filmed. Here, too-long-time resident “Drainbow Dark” previously known as “Rainbow Light” has been booted off the property- twice- by the cops- not shown.


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  1. Damon, what happens after they make the film? Is it something they plan to show locally for fun? Or somehow profit off it? Just curious what will happen to the final product.


    Damon – No idea?

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