When Nike’s Expire… More Census Work

Earlier I blogged that I needed to get a new pair of shoes because the work pair that I had been wearing for this census work I’ve been doing just weren’t working for me.

These are the shoes that I was wearing to work at DOE and then going off to work for the census canvassing:


After 4 hours at the DOE where I’m literally standing around most of the day assisting students I would then go spend another 6 hours canvassing Hilo in these shoes.  By the end of the day, my feet hurt as well as the rest of my body.

I didn’t have to work today, so I figured I’d bust out a pair of my old NIKE’s from about 5 years ago that I rarely used that much back then.

When I put them on, they felt like brand new and I went off to work in them.

About half way through the day walking… I noticed that the sole was coming lose.  I figured no worries… I could make it through the day.  A couple blocks later, I started hearing this “Splat” right before I would put my foot down.  Well it turned out the sole was now starting to flap around.

I knew it would only be long before the entire sole of the shoe came off, so I simply ripped it off.

Well soon enough, the other shoe started doing the same thing.  I was almost through the day… when all of a sudden the entire bottom part of the right shoe basically came off.  This was after the sole already came off!

This is what my shoe looked like when I got back to my car:


Luckily for me, I had a pair of slippahs in my car and it was getting late so I called it a day.

On my way home, I stopped off and got some shoes at ROSS’s so I’m good to go now.


These are just some basic New Balance “Walking” shoes that I was able to find.  They didn’t have a very large selection and I was pretty much in dire need.

Lesson learned here…

No matter how much you paid for your Nikes… they aint worth shit after 5 years of sitting in a closet.

On a positive note, I got to work the “Bayfront” area of Hilo so I spent a good part of the day… “At the beach”.

On an even more positive note… I finally got to meet “Gary”.

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  1. Your census adventures are great reading! Keep it up.

  2. Dude…you wore those shoes into my office? ;)

    Damon – That was still early in the day!

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