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$7.5 Million Contract for Iraq Defense Network Awarded to Company Owned by Na Oiwi Kane a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO)

Joint Tech Services Inc., Kailua, Hawaii was awarded on Apr. 1, 2009, a $7,568,128 firm-fixed-price contract for four months of technical consulting/field support for Iraq defense network. Work is to be performed in 41 sites in Iraq with an estimated completion date of Jul. 31, 2009. One sole source bid was solicited and one bid received. CECOM Acquisitions Center, Fort Monmouth, N.J., is the contracting activity.

Joint Tech Services Inc. (JTSI) is a small disadvantaged business and a sister company of JTSI Inc. Both are owned by Na Oiwi Kane, a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO). JTSI Inc. is an SBA certified 8(a) business.

Joint Tech Services Inc. is currently focused on contracting opportunities with the DoD and Federal Agencies…

More on Joint Tech here

Ward Churchill Exonerated

Remember the 911 Speaker that came to speak at UH and everyone and their mother through a hissy fit?


On April 2 Ward Churchill, professor of ethnic studies at University of Colorado at Boulder (CU), was found exonerated from an unlawful firing over academic freedom.

Sept. 11, 2001 Churchill wrote “Some people push back: on the justice of roosting chickens” as an editorial piece for the online journal Dark Night field notes. As a direct reaction to the World Trade Center in New York being hit by Islamic terrorists in the eyes of an ethnic studies professor, the editorial was far from removing the United States from an implication of wrongdoing…

My Aching Calves!

I’m not sure how many miles I’ve walked in the last 3 days, but my guess would be about 30 miles or more.

My legs are hurting right now. Every time I stand up… they feel like they are going to collapse. I’m so out of shape it’s pathetic! I know that I’m moving at a pretty good pace though, because after talking to a few others… the amount of “Map Spots” that I have collected is considerably more and I’ve worked less hours altogether now.

I really need to get my scooter going. I’m going to replace the charger with another model that’s about $100.00 and then just splice the male/female plug. I’m sure I’ll be able to do it since my FIL worked HELCO for most of his life.

Sorry I haven’t been able to blog that much of late… but that’s what happens when I’m away from the computer for so long. It’s a good thing these hand held computers don’t have access to the internet! I am still thinking of also getting my own lap top within the next few weeks and then I need to think about a wireless card.

Anyone have any recommendations for a wireless carrier?

Tonight: Mayor and Cabinet at Keaau High

Mayor Billy Kenoi continues his policy of bringing county government to communities around Hawaii Island Tonight, when the mayor and members of his cabinet gather at 6 p.m. at Keaau High School.

The Mayor and heads of several County departments will be available to answer questions and discuss issues of concern to residents on a number of topics, including traffic, roads and mass transit, the Puna Community Development Plan, waste management, recreation facilities, public safety and others.

The public is invited to attend and bring their questions. Light refreshments will be served. For more information, call Hunter Bishop, Public Relations Specialist, 961-8565.

Hawaii Public Utilities Contracts SAIC for $38 Million

Science Applications International Corporation (NYSE: SAI) today announced it has been awarded a prime contract by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission to become the Program Administrator for the Hawaii Energy Efficiency Program, helping Hawaii residents and businesses become more energy efficient. The single award, multi-year contract runs through December 31, 2013, but may be extended beyond 2013 for an additional three year period. The contract has a value for the first two years of $38 million.

Hawaii residents pay among the nation’s highest prices for electricity and fuel. The most oil-dependent of the 50 states, Hawaii relies on imported petroleum for about 90% of its primary energy. Most of this oil is from foreign nations, with a growing percentage from the Middle East, according to Hawaii’s Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism.

“Improving and aggressively implementing energy efficiency programs are a top priority of the commission, the State, and of the entire country. The selection of SAIC is a historic milestone in our energy efficiency efforts,” said Carlito Caliboso, chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of the State of Hawaii.

Under the contract, SAIC will help Hawaii decrease the State’s dependence on foreign oil, make better use of renewable resources, and improve energy security by developing and implementing enhanced energy efficiency programs. SAIC will accomplish this by overseeing the entire rate-payer funded Hawaii Energy Efficiency Program, including: program design and implementation, customer incentives and rebates, new initiatives, and interface with the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative. The program will be restricted to cost effective efficiency measures where customer bill savings exceed program costs in the long run. SAIC will also manage efforts concerning commercial, industrial, residential, and renewable energy programs. The contract officially transfers to SAIC responsibility for rate-payer funded energy efficiency programs currently operated by Hawaiian Electric Company and its island subsidiaries.

“This new framework for energy efficiency will bring about higher overall energy savings and improve the cost-effectiveness of administering energy efficiency programs,” said J.T. Grumski, SAIC senior vice president and business unit general manager. “It will also spur the introduction of innovative efficiency programs, and increase customer choice and participation in energy efficiency programs, helping residents of Hawaii save on their electricity bills.”