Tales From The Enumerator: Don’t Lose Your Car

I’m starting to get the hang of this Census stuff… Well I always had the hang of it, I’m just now realizing how much walking I’m really going to be doing!

I’m contemplating getting my Electric Scooter running again.  It folds up nicely in my trunk and can go about 12 miles per charge.

Today, if you can believe it, I was so into doing my route, that I totally spaced where my car was.  To top things off… I had a GPS System with me so I had no excuses to lose it.

I was just in an unfamiliar area of Hilo that had lots of weird streets and before I knew it… I didn’t realize how far I had actually gotten away from my car.  I felt kind of like Hansel & Gretel backtracking my route back to my car… but instead of using bread crumbs… I was using the houses that I had checked off on my census address list.

As it turns out… had I just kept going about another 1/2 mile in the direction that I was going… I would have ended up making a full loop and would have ended up back at my car.  One simple mistake in where I started the route lead me to having to back track almost a long ways just to find my car!

Then to top things off, as I’m driving home… I get stuck in the traffic jam on H-130 from the car that went off into the shoulder.  I’ve heard of people that were stuck for more then 90 minutes.  I was only stuck for about 45 minutes to an hour.

As the traffic finally started moving a head of me… I heard on the radio that there was another wreck right at the Keaau Bypass, which thankfully I had just passed.  I looked in my rear view mirror a few minutes after I heard the announcement on the radio, and sure enough… cops were on their way and it the wreck turned out to be about 50-100 cars behind me!

The good thing about today… I got to go back to work for the DOE.

I sure do like my job there.  I deal with some of the kids that are really difficult at times and it can be very draining… but I just deal with it.  Of course it’s nice to know that we have security at a phone call away and is used quite often it seems like.

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