A Lighter Response to a Darker View on Twitter

Andrew Cooper recently blogged about his doubts about Twitter, so I’ll give a “Lighter Response to a Darker View on Twitter”

To listen to some netizens of the local blogosphere, Twitter is the greatest thing to ever happen to electronic communications. After some exploration, I am not sure I agree with this assessment.

By deliberate decision I am not an early adopter. I have seen too many technological waves come and go in my life, some catch on, some don’t. A number of experiences have taught me that it is far less painful to give new tech a couple years to mature before I buy in. Anyone want a used BetaMax video machine? As long as the old solutions are working for me, I do not jump aboard without proper consideration. Seriously, I didn’t start to blog until 2007, way behind the curve.

This does not stop me from keeping tabs on new tech. I don’t just ignore these things, but often poke around to see what they are and how to use them. I have investigated Twitter, registered for an account in case I really do find it useful down the road. I enjoy seeing what new comes along, it is endlessly fascinating to consider what effects a new technology might have on our society.

Did I scare you Mr. Cooper by popping up on your account within minutes of you signing up?  My only guess is that you were on my list of people I invited and you didn’t accept the earlier invitation, but then when you signed up later… it still popped me in as a follower.

I agree with the issues involved with the 140 word limit. Much too short to allow anything beyond very brief communication. In a blog posting I am limited only by the amount of typing I wish to undertake and postings of several thousand words can be found on Darker View. I can see the use of short advisory type messages… “the road is closed”, “meet at the usual restaurant”, and similar things. But to constrain regular communications this way? The result becomes a great deal of trivial messages which simply increase the signal to noise ratio of our lives. For some people this may be an ideal communications medium, I just do not see the use in the context of my communications needs. For now I have decided to take a wait and see stance on Twitter and am not actively pursuing this communication medium.

Cmn Drew uno u 1a tweet 4 X per 24/7. huked on fonics wurks 4 me

The options for electronic communications are myriad in our modern world. We have to specifically make decisions about whet we will, and will not, participate in. To simply accept and use everything that comes along risks allowing our lives to degenerate into an endless cacophony of noise… e-mail, cell phones, SMS messaging, IM, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, webcasts, podcasts, MP3 players, television, radio, newspapers, etc. Where do you limit the noise? Do you give yourself someplace quiet in the day? Simply spend some time reading a book or playing with the cat? Select which communications are most appropriate for you, decide which you do not need. Find your balance and your save your sanity by making intelligent decisions.

Andrew… It’s STOP THE INSANITY not Save your Sanity.

Seriously… Twitter is the ultimate in Nieleness (Nosiness) You can check out what’s going on with anyone on Twitter who’s registered… well whatever they publish.

Let’s take a look at Susan Powter’s Tweets. I just added her as a person I follow and I’ll send her a message about this post. Let’s see if I can’t get her to comment on my blog?

  1. It’s time to knit….

  2. @GutterOfMyHeart Never try to sort it out, it’s their silence I’m interested in…

  3. @doubleprozac Lengthen, take the energy and lengthen it….

  4. @tkells Wellness is love, self love, the actions of eat, breathe, move and think the most loving….yes

  5. @catawungus Thank you cause, as I said tonight sometimes…..it’s truly good to know people are waking up…

  6. @seniorchip “Turned you on” to…can’t even tell you how much I love it, are you Patsy?

  7. @peacenlove777 Absolutely loved it, always do….a day behind is fine, it’s yours to hear when it works, archived is thrilling…

  8. Late night mochi, soy cream cheese, jam, frozen raisins and banana…

  9. It’s interesting who follows and why….

  10. @lolpeggy I’m going to figure out how to solve a problem like Maria..

  11. “I’m a little hungry now Momma” time for food…

  12. @suzosusan So very toxic but, not here or anywhere I am…

  13. Hard to believe, the twitter I just got…

Tales From The Enumerator: Don’t Lose Your Car

I’m starting to get the hang of this Census stuff… Well I always had the hang of it, I’m just now realizing how much walking I’m really going to be doing!

I’m contemplating getting my Electric Scooter running again.  It folds up nicely in my trunk and can go about 12 miles per charge.

Today, if you can believe it, I was so into doing my route, that I totally spaced where my car was.  To top things off… I had a GPS System with me so I had no excuses to lose it.

I was just in an unfamiliar area of Hilo that had lots of weird streets and before I knew it… I didn’t realize how far I had actually gotten away from my car.  I felt kind of like Hansel & Gretel backtracking my route back to my car… but instead of using bread crumbs… I was using the houses that I had checked off on my census address list.

As it turns out… had I just kept going about another 1/2 mile in the direction that I was going… I would have ended up making a full loop and would have ended up back at my car.  One simple mistake in where I started the route lead me to having to back track almost a long ways just to find my car!

Then to top things off, as I’m driving home… I get stuck in the traffic jam on H-130 from the car that went off into the shoulder.  I’ve heard of people that were stuck for more then 90 minutes.  I was only stuck for about 45 minutes to an hour.

As the traffic finally started moving a head of me… I heard on the radio that there was another wreck right at the Keaau Bypass, which thankfully I had just passed.  I looked in my rear view mirror a few minutes after I heard the announcement on the radio, and sure enough… cops were on their way and it the wreck turned out to be about 50-100 cars behind me!

The good thing about today… I got to go back to work for the DOE.

I sure do like my job there.  I deal with some of the kids that are really difficult at times and it can be very draining… but I just deal with it.  Of course it’s nice to know that we have security at a phone call away and is used quite often it seems like.

BJ Penn Protege “Iron” Mike Aina to Fight on Showtime

Undefeated lightweight (155 lb. limit) sensation Billy Evangelista (9-0) will fight hard-hitting brawler and  BJ Penn protégé “Iron” Mike Aina (11-6-1) in the main event of the inaugural, newly titled SHO MMA: Strikeforce Challengers series from leading MMA promoter Strikeforce and premium television network SHOWTIME, on Friday, May 15 at Save Mart Center in Fresno, Calif..

BJ Penn Protege "Iron" Mike Aina

BJ Penn Protege "Iron" Mike Aina

The SHOWTIME telecast will air live beginning at 11 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast) and feature up to five MMA fights including Kim “Sugar Free” Couture (1-1), wife of MMA legend Randy “The Natural” Couture, facing an opponent to be named.

Wayne Joseph wrote up an excellent article on Iron Mike that you can read here, “Mike Aina – UFC Dreams

Japan’s Subaru Telescope Donates $9,500 to UH Hilo’s Imiloa Astronomy Center

UH Release:

“Since the establishment of our local telescope facility in 1999, Subaru has been indebted to the people of the Big Island for their support of our mission, and we want to say thank you to the local community by helping to make it possible for local children to visit the ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center at UH Hilo.” –Dr. Masahiko Hayashi, Director, Subaru Telescope


HILO – UH Hilo’s ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai‘i has received a generous donation of $9,500 from Subaru Telescope of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. The donation will support visits to the ‘Imiloa Center by K-12 schoolchildren and their teachers, as part of an ambitious two-year program through which ‘Imiloa is arranging programs for all public and private schools on the Big Island. The source of the gift was the Japan Foundation for the Promotion of Astronomy.

Subaru’s donation will be matched with another $19,000–effectively tripling the value of the gift–under the terms of a 2008 grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. The Moore Foundation grant is assisting the center with its goal of reaching 100 percent of the island’s school-aged children, by bringing them to ‘Imiloa to experience its exhibits, planetarium and educational programs. Transportation to the Center, admission, and lunch are all provided thanks to the grant, making the field trip possible for students throughout the island. For every $1 of additional support which ‘Imiloa secures for the program, the Moore Foundation grant is providing $2.

The ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center has a special mission to engage youth in Hawai‘i, involving them in hands-on exploration of astronomy, together with Hawaiian language, navigational skills and indigenous culture. The resulting sense of pride and the interest in science and engineering that ‘Imiloa is instilling are critical tools for preparing local young people to participate in Hawai‘i’s 21st century economy. In pursuit of this mission, ‘Imiloa has set an aggressive goal of reaching all of Hawai‘i Island’s 30,000 K-12 schoolchildren through its educational programs over the next two years.

Subaru Telescope and its parent body, the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, have made previous gifts to the ‘Imiloa Center, including the donation of a unique “4D2U” theatre exhibit on the origins of the universe and another exhibit on the history of the telescope. Subaru also sponsored a special planetarium show geared to children, “The Secret of the Cardboard Rocket,” and assisted with the creation and script for “Hawaii’s Observatories,” a 3D show in the planetarium.

‘Imiloa’s Associate Director Ka‘iu Kimura commented, “Support from Subaru Telescope is helping ‘Imiloa ensure that local children grow up understanding that successful participation in science and technology does not mean a rejection of their Hawaiian heritage but, indeed, underscores the unique values of that heritage.”

UH Hilo Chancellor Rose Tseng added, “The University of Hawai‘i at Hilo is very grateful for the leadership support of the Japan Foundation for the Promotion of Astronomy, which has been provided to our campus annually for the past nine years through Subaru Telescope and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.”

Pahoa Museum Featuring First Saturday Soirees… Murals to Be Painted on Garbage Cans


The Flier from the First Event

The Pahoa Museum will be hosting First Saturday Soirees at the beginning of each month. They will also be hosting a variety of workshops, groups, classes, lectures, etc…

The museum is putting together a video show, to be filmed on location at the museum on Friday nights, from 8-11…its a dress up dance party with live music and a dj.  The museum is working to set up a digital archive resource center.  Their goal is to facilitate humans being at their best, quality cultural programming, village beautification.  Next week the Museum will be painting murals on the town trash cans.

To see pictures from the Grand Opening and the most recent First Saturday click here.

Mayor, Cabinet Tonight at Konawaena

Mayor Billy Kenoi continues his policy of bringing county government to communities around Hawaii Island Tonight, when the mayor and key members of his cabinet gather at 6 p.m. at the Konawaena Elementary School Cafeteria.

The Mayor and heads of several County departments, including Lono Tyson, director of the Department of Environmental Management, and Tom Brown, director of Mass Transit, are expected to be available for questions on topics such as enhanced police presence in South Kona, Mamalahoa Highway Bypass, flooding, Kealakekua and Honaunau Bays, and Hokulia.

The public is invited to attend and bring their questions. Light refreshments will be served.