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MAJOR H130 Wreck Sends Passengers to Hospital

Hawaii247.org has first hand video footage of the aftermath of a major wreck that happened today on H-130.

Unfortunately, this section of the road is not on the plans for highway improvements, however that turn that heads down to Kalapana down there at the end of the Highway sure could use some work.

You can view the video and pictures of the collision here.

Bringing Back the TMT Poll

I’m bringing back the TMT Poll.  You can click current results to see the current results.  Reminder, you can only click once per IP address.

The Public Hearing for the Mauna Kea CMP is April 8th and 9th at the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel.

[polldaddy poll=”962352″]

Mainland Company Working With Hawaii Officials to Create Energy Producing Modular Classrooms

Imagine that… Hawaii actually using solar power in their schools?  I know that HAAS school in Pahoa has solar panels.  Wouldn’t that be something if more and more schools started actually producing energy instead of using it?

A mainland entrepreneur and an architect who are looking to spark a “green” revolution in school design are giving modular classrooms a radical revamping. Their version harnesses sunlight to all but replace electric light and uses a garden-top green roof to dispel heat in summer. They have plenty of room, excellent acoustics, and eye-catching designs, too…

…He is working with officials in Hawaii on a modular classroom that would not only be energy self-sufficient, but may produce surplus power.

Involved in the projects are Triumph Modular, a construction company in Littleton, has teamed up with California architect Peter Anderson on these projects in the mainland.

Here is an example of one of their classrooms on the mainland in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

Triumph installed the first modular school building designed to LEED specifications at the Carroll School in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

Triumph installed the first modular school building designed to LEED specifications at the Carroll School in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

Caught Red Handed and “Bacon Planning” for the Future

Damn pigs will be pigs I guess.

These two little pigs are only about 2 month old now and they are already causing troubles.


They have two other siblings that weren’t around.

I figure if I feed them now by hand… when it comes time to kill them, they will be that much easier to just grab and capture.

It’s the ultimate in sustainable living if you think about it.  Feed the pigs your scraps now and then use the pig for your main meal later.

It’s not like were feeding him bacon or pork so they aren’t eating their cousins or anything.


CARTOON OF THE YEAR and Finally Some Good Online Local Cartoons

Puna resident Greg Henkel has started up a new “CartoonBlog” and I think Dave Corrigan, Aaron Stene and Myself were targeted with his first ever post… Well on second thought… I guess it was just Dave and Aaron because I’m almost bald.

In fact… I know we were targeted… and I fricking love it!

If anyone knows about some of Greg’s cartoons that he has posted in the past on Hunter Bishop’s old blog, you know that the guy has a great sense of humor.

I look forward to seeing more of his new blog with local cartoons.

If you haven’t seen it yet… it is a must!

His first cartoon he posted… goes down in my books as the “Cartoon of the Year!”