First Saturdays Rocking at Pahoa Museum

I just got back from the Pahoa Museum where they are celebrating their grand opening with a “First Saturday’s” kick off party.


The place is packed right now and it’s still early in the evening.


The owners let me know that they are planning on doing this every first Saturday of the Month, and I’ll be receiving more information on it soon enough.


The place is filled with people of all ages…


And people were dressed up in their latest Puna Fashions:


And people were dancing to the music that was playing wherever it may have been playing.


The Milk and Honey Cafe was a great place to grab a quick drink.


And just stepping outside for a quick breath of fresh air every once in awhile was in order.


The music was great and people were jamming.


So if you’re looking for something to do in Pahoa on the first Saturday’s of each month, check out the Pahoa Museum.

Do you see yourself in this video?


Don’t forget that they have the Merrie Monarch exhibit being featured just in time for the Merrie Monarch.

Click on pictures below for larger images from tonights festivities:

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